Twisted Root Cryo Coolers

Nice find. Comes with removale handle and nylon straps. Seems to have only ONE cup holder but still, good price.

Nice find - I’ve been looking for a high quality cooler but didn’t want to spend an entire paycheck on one. These have very good reviews so I went ahead and ordered one (45 Quart) - it doesn’t come with the divider or basket, but I’ve never needed either before. Thanks again - and sorry Woot…

You know Amazon owns woot? You basically passed on a lower margin item on a daily deal site they own for a higher margin item from the mother ship. :slight_smile:

LOL - Yes I know Amazon owns Woot! What I passed on was a 45 quart cooler for $219 plus tax plus $5 shipping for an identical cooler (albeit with a different color and without two extras I didn’t need) for $169 with no tax and free shipping.

Margins, shmargins… I saved about $70 for the same thing - and if you look at the pictures they are both identical and made by the same company. I love Woot, but not $70 worth.

Yea, but in “Hot Pink”? It is the only color I can find in 45 quarts.

That’s the Milee cooler, I purchased the Vibe in Alpine Gray. Same as the Cryo coolers offered here but with different colors and without the extras I don’t need.

I purchased one of each 20, 45, 75 in the sand color. Upstate, NY hunting camping four-wheeling and snowmobiling. I need a rugged box that will hold ice to strap onto the back rack of the 4-wheeler for all day rides and can take a knock around in the back of the pick-up. I got all three sizes matching color in one place. Some good points out there, $5.00 shipping plus tax sux. Higher price with more accessories (accessories don’t mean much I know). The other colors I could not find all the sizes in matching colors. I’m selling all of my 4 old colors in the next garage sale (where you get the real deals. )$5.00 - $10.00 each. Happy with purchase I guess. Hope to have these for twenty years. Not a real woot deal though

Cooler keeps ice for about 1-2 days even when “pre-chilling” the cooler before use. If your going to spend the money go with the more reputable brands (Yeti, Orca, etc.) that have been tested extensively with online video evidence to prove it. I am very disappointed with this cooler and am hoping WOOT gives me a refund.