Twisted Root Design 30 oz Tumblers

Is the blue anodized metal or is it that heat shrink wrap stuff?

Good question, it’s actually a multi-step electroplating process. We tend to put our…twist on everything :wink:

Love the color of the blue! I have way too many of these, but am going to have to buy this one because I love the coloring!!!

Specs tab:

In The Box: says tumblers plural.

But this is 19.99 for one tumbler, not two. Correct?

The same $$ at Costco will get you a pair of 30oz double walled stainless steel tumblers.

Correct. $19.99 is for uno Twisted Tumbler.


Just got the one(s) I ordered. Very confusing, thought I was getting 2 but yes, you only get 1. Now I have to pick the kid I like the best to give it to…