Twisted Root Design 30 oz Tumblers

Appears to be the same as Rtic, Yeti, and other.
They are GREAT and are as good as they say.
This is an excellent price,especially if you get the blue one. (Color usually adds about $10.00)

they are great, but 10 bucks is such a yawnable price. walmarts everyday price is about the same, and they have about 15 colors to choose from. same at Sam’s club.

I don’t see any TRD tumblers at, and Ozark Trails <> TRD. Not even close.

Please provide links, thanks.

I believe these are the ones the poster was referring to:

I grabbed two. Been wanting a couple quality to-go cups like this and having problems with the price of the Yeti. I might have saved a few bucks with the other product, but easily worth it (to me) to not have to actually go inside one of those stores.

Those are what I saw. IMO, Ozark Trail is not close to the quality of TRD. For a buck or so price difference.

These were previously offered here for $19.99 ea. So not a bad deal.

I ordered 2 with the previous deal and only received one. They refunded me the other automatically when I contacted them. When I asked if there were any still available in the other color, they said yes and charged me again with my permission. When it never came again they again refunded me. I ordered 3 this round because I love mine and my mom and boss need these, so hopefully they all actually come!