Twisted Root Design Cloudburst Rainfly

We just got back from a camping trip where I had to abandon the hammock due to rain and a lack of tarp. A Google search shows pretty limited information on this. Does anyone have one of these?

I had planned to make one with Tyvek, but at $20, it’s hard to justify doing it myself.

There is some debate about whether this is a Yukon rainfly rebranded. This appears to be the exact same size as the Yukon rainfly of which we have 2 and have used some, both dry and in the rain. The only difference I see is that the Yukon rainfly has brass grommets in the corners and this has tie down loops.
Our last use of these was a 4 night backpacking trip in the White Mtns in NH and the first night it poured. It rained straight down as we were in a wooded area on a mountainside and protected from the wind. We both had the flies rigged diagonally as that is the only way to provide good coverage. Why they are rectangular instead of square I don’t know. If they had grommets or tie downs in the middle as well instead of just the corners the rectangular shape would make more sense. Anyway I stayed dry except for a little water coming down the hammock straps. My son went diagonal in his hammock during the night and that pushed his feet out and they got wet. Here’s link to a shot of our campsite
If the rain had been blowing we would have gotten wet. I have to admit that last year we were camping and my son was in his hammock under a Noah’s Tarp 12 (also in pic) and it started blowing rain sideways and he came into my tent.

So my review is, very good for the price, BUT a little too small and it needs more tie-outs. A Noah’s Tarp 12 is MUCH better but more $$$ and heavier.

I enjoy hammocking and it’s very useful in NH where it can be hard to find a decent campsite. I also have a 2 lb single wall tent (Big Agnes Pioneer, original model purchased from Sierra Trading very cheaply) which weighs much LESS then my Yukon screened hammock and tarp and straps. I debate which one to bring pretty much right up to packing my pack.
When I bring the tent I sometimes bring THIS tarp as well to use as a vestibule on the tent.