Twisted Root Double Hammock, 3 Colors

The label on the red bag in the last photo says it’s a mosquito hammock. Do any of these hammocks have attached mosquito netting?

No mosquito netting, and we’re updating the sale to not include that photo of the red hammock. The red hammock we sold was a double hammock like the other two color options.

IS this made in the U.S. ?

Hi there. From the specs:

Imported: Made in China

Carabiners that came with mine were not the “high quality” carabiners (Includes Nautical Ropes and Aluminum Carabiners) shown in the photo and described in the specs. They are cheap hardware store steel clips with very sharp edges. Keep them away from your tree straps and the hammock or you will have rips. Without smooth, quality clips, there is danger of failure.

I will be asking for my money back and if they do not return it I will be asking for my credit card to halt payment, this may be my last purchase thru woot, false advertising, the carbiners and rope are unsuitable and not what was shown, the whole point of buying these and not others is because of what was shown to be the product, I did not want heavy metal carbiners with sharp edges as shown in other deals, these may be suitable for high schoolers to hang in trees with their friends but not for anything else