Twisted Root Hammock and Underquilt Bundle

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Twisted Root Hammock and Underquilt Bundle
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
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Condition: New


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I like how they show the underquilt on the wrong side of the hammock.

As the previous poster astutely noted, the photograph for this item is wrong. I get that using an underquilt seems counter-intuitive to a lot of people, but it is designed to hang UNDER the hammock to keep a layer of insulating air around the person in the hammock. Lying ON the quilt provides much less insulation than suspending it underneath.

You beat me to it! I can’t find a picture of the combo on TRD’s website, so we can only surmise that nobody at Woot uses camping hammocks.
Pretty decent price if these are anywhere near usable quality. TRD does not seem to offer this combo, and both their “camping hammock” and underquilt are “coming soon”.

If you click the link for the ‘Coming Soon’ underquilt, then they have a Youtube video showing how it works.
Direct Link to 1 minute video:

Just one final note. If you want to stay warm, it is a good idea to have a rain fly (to keep wind and rain off of you) and a blanket/sleeping bag on top of you as well. The underquilt just keeps the wind from sucking the heat from your back while you sleep.

If they are going to sell just the underquilt for $80, then this is a great deal for the combo.

I wouldn’t call this a camping hammock, as it doesn’t have a mosquito net. It’s just a hammock.

Still a good deal, though I am skeptical of the underquilt quality. But for fifty bucks…

Morning Wooters! Good to see not everyone is holiday hungover. @jtalbain4 and @zgrav are absolutely correct! Underquilt for sure, goes UNDER your hammock. Woot seems to be trying to keep to community on their toes, haha

Photos of a true setup:

Video of our product demo for our brand new Flare Underquilt:
TRD Flare Underquilt demo

Get Twisted! (responsibly)

I have personally used an emergency blanket. In a hurry, it goes between me and the hammock. Time permitting, it is tied LOOSLY under the hammock.

I already have a hammock; sell me a tree!

If it is cold enough to need an underquilt, it is likely that the 'skeeters have froze already. But for maximum versatility, it would be nice to have one hammock to do it all.

It would be nice to be able to get just the underquilt, since I already have a few Woot hammocks, Yukon outfitters, with and without net.

you don’t need a mosquito net on the AT or most US hiking (ecp FL and swaps. Use permethrin on it 1x per year.

how many marketing ppl missed this? It’s an UNDERquilt

Note: These are not Yukon Outfitters. researched they are made in china copies of YO’s V2 and not the same quality.

Nice to see the manufacturer on a Woot! discussion, thanks for joining us! Needs to happen more often.

So this is the Flare underquilt, correct?

Also, which hammock is in this bundle, the Camp Hammock?

Thanks again.

Upstate NY in the spring and summer is hardly FL or a swamp. Bugnet required.

100% correct!

Saw your post about bug netting as well. You’re right, this great country of ours provides us w/ unique environments which requires different equipment specific to your area. We do provide an awesome hammock with integrated mosquito netting. Full length zipper style with dual zippers, it’s truly the perfect camping hammock. Woot is offering this bundle at a crazy low price for only a limited time. Would suggest checking out our Twisted Big Mozzi Hammocks then you could regift your brand new Camp Hammock this Christmas! Boom win win!

I have been a 4-season hammock camper for over 15 years now, and have made all of my hammocks and don’t need more of them. My interest was in the underquilt, as I only have one at this point, the Yukon Outfitters Kindle, which I paid $50 for on Woot! last spring (and like it a LOT). I might jump on this deal to try your UQ out. Regifting the hammock is an interesting thought.

Is this the first time the under quilt is available? On the TRD website it is listed as coming soon. I looked for reviews on Amazon and other sites and have not found any. I purchased this one today thinking 49.99 was a great price for the under quilt , after I ordered it I realized it came with the hammock , now I have a great Christmas gift for someone. I already have the twisted root design big mozi and the tree straps and love both.