Twisted Root Hammock and Underquilt Bundle

The ultimate bear burrito - keeps your food warm for when you’re ready.

Does this come with the hanging straps?

No it does not

No hanging straps?


Best hanging straps = cheap polyester ratchet straps from HarborFreight. $13 for a pair of 16ft straps with 700lb capacity.

While you’re at it, grab a mini ruck sack to stick your straps in along with a decent length of paracord, a tarp and some tent spikes (all of this for a cheap rain fly).

The only thing missing would be to snag something like ENO’s easy to use bug net (simply slides over any hammock, can be used or not, it’s not attached).

You want polyester because it doesn’t stretch. Many of the “tree straps” that the hammock companies sell you for a lot more are nylon.

I absolutely love my camping hammock setup. (mine is not this brand)

This is a great cheap mild temp hammock and quilt. Makes a great starter set. But if you truely want to know more and know how to safely hang a hammock please look up the ultimate hang, its a cheap book on amazon but will tell you all you need to know to get started