Twisted Root Hammock and Underquilt

General stupid question… is the second choice for both the hammock and the underquilt or just the underquilt? Title is a bit confusing.

It’s an “or”. You can order one or the other. If you want both, put both in your cart.

What are the actual specs of this? Like what temperature rating would you be comfortable using it?

Does the hammock include the straps to tie to a tree? Or are those purchased separately?

They are not included.

I’m not sure there’s a temperature rating for a hammock or udnerquilt.

Hey there @Tengoken! The Flare Underquilt has a comfortable temperature rating of 35 - 45° F. But be sure to combine with a top quilt or warm blanket of some sort. Happy Hanging!

What is weight of the underquilt? And how small will it compress down to?

Per the description:

Compression Sack Dimensions: 12" x 7.25"
Total Weight: 1.85 lbs.

Do these include carabiners?

I just got my hammock and it comes with it.

I opened mine and the “attachment point” is a threaded quick link. Not a carabiner but it can be hooked through the straps. No need to buy an additional hook/carabiner. You can see these in the underquilt video.