Two Fish, One Line

One line? very well done! …though this design is too large for my taste, I’m still very tempted to nab one.

I have too many black shirts already =(

Ah darn, now I have to decide if I’m really gonna buy it. I love the flow of this design. And knowing it’s one continuous lines only increases the awesome.

Plus it reminds me of that one Avatar the Last Airbender episode and that series kicks butt it’s so awesome.

Here is my picture for tonight, Great work! I’m driving to oakland tomorrow so my picture will be pretty late. have a good night everyone.

also yay for saying, “representing which represent.”

Edit: Edited for RenegadeTim to show the start/end lines

My eyes are getting tired from staring at this for to long. Its still awesome.

Awesome. Now I can only hope artulo & qetza’s complete the trifecta. My bank account may feel differently, though.

Yes, sometimes it seems like an almost optical illusion. Like it. Also think it needs to shine in the sky like the Bat Signal while someone answers the call wearing this shirt. Could be me. (full moon people, be glad this is a short comment)


Is there something symbolic about the two koi depicted? I don’t know, but wouldn’t be surprised if there was. What I do know is that it has been far too long since there was a Bootsboots derby win.

Congrats Boots! Nicely done.

Aw yeah, Boots! way to go! well deserved win

This looks like a copy of the incubus morning view cd art…

Looks like Pisces to me. (Not that that’s a bad thing–quite the opposite)

Or about 100 different pisces tribal art tattoos. Rather unoriginal for a shirt site that touts original designs.

Really amazing design, it’s quite soothing to behold. Would LOVE this in a poster to hang over my desk to provide a glimpse of serenity when work feels like it’s spiraling out of control. It just seems to provide…balance. In for 2 (his and hers), and I’d seriously love to see this beautiful piece of art available as a poster!

Does anyone else see a double meaning to the “One Line” as fishing line? It’s kind of a tribute to the movie “Sniper”, “One shot. Two kills.”
I’m probably just imagining it.

How could you do an interpretation of the design graphic without pointing out the start/end of the line? Since there were no other design features to explain, this is key! :slight_smile: [/sarcasm]

“Tui and La, your Moon and Ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other. Push, and pull. Life, and death. Good, and evil. Yin, and yang.” -Koh
(Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Was Boots’ most recent first-place shirt Henna from Derby 184?

SensibleFlatsSensibleFlats, congratulations on your first-place finish with an outstanding design!

When I first saw this, before reading any of the comments, my first thought was “Aw, how romantic! Great timing & how fitting! Perfect for us!”

My husband and I both love - and live - to fish.  I took the meaning of “two fish, one line” as the two of us (The Two of Us Who LOVE to Fish) joined together in marriage, forever, by one (fishing) line.

We are getting ready to celebrate our 23rd anniversary in a few days, so I immediately decided to get a “his & hers”.

But that was before I saw “good and evil”… Hmmm… Well, okay, I guess that’s kind of fitting too - LOL!