Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc (4)

Smooth, medium to heavy bodied. Nice cherry and oak flavors, strong tannins and moderate acidity. Complexity improves if you let it breathe.

Any wine Clark touches is gold… or maybe diamonds in this case? Clark does a fantastic job with cab franc! We are sitting on our Two Jakes CF so do not have any notes to give, but if we hadn’t picked up 3 bottles of Victory mags we would be getting a set or two of these! I’m sure this is great QPR on a really nice cab franc!

Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc 4-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
$69.99 $140.00 50% off List Price
2011 Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc, Lake County

Tried to buy…tried my phone and computer. problem with the site :frowning: when I get to the checkout page, all it does is flash and reload the page. Will try again later.

Love Clark’s Cab Franc. As mentioned, let it breathe for at least 30 minutes. Opens up wonderfully and smooth. Had to compare with the 2008 Cab Franc. Very similar in style, but 2011 is still bright and youthful. Pair it with some tri-tip and it was wonderful. Great with foods. Again, nicely done and definitely, will stash this away for a little longer as I still have some 2007 and 2008 to finish up. Great value as well.

Same here. I was able to purchase another wine that was also available. Just not this one.

I’m in for 3 but the checkout is broken :frowning:

Hey all. DEVs are looking into the issue. Sorry!

Update: hello. We’re unable to get this offer to behave. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to end it until we can figure out what’s going on.

So…any answers? I really want 2 of these :grin:

Edit…nevermind i just saw your answer…hopefully the problem gets resolved… thanks TT.

If the offer doesn’t make it back up, just call the winery and we’ll do the same deal direct. Call Monday 9:30-4:00 at 707-332-0056.


General Notes:

Cabernet Franc is the father of Cabernet Sauvignon, leaner and with more depth. Our rocky soils restrain vine growth, exposing berries to our high altitude sunlight, which brings our bright white cherry flavors framed by firm tannins. We enjoy this wine with grilled wild mushroom pasta dishes or pork and plums.

Because of its proximity to Clear Lake, the site is also blessed with a “lake effect” – a daily visit from the cooling breezes off this deep body of water, largest in the State. The consequence is that theplum and cinnamon aromas the grape develops are conserved. The combination of rich fruit aromatics, firm tannin structure and lively minerality make this among the most complete and collectible expressions of Cabernet Franc in the New World.

Vineyard Notes: Diamond Ridge is located in a sunny high altitude site with rocky granitic soils which force Cabernet Franc to put its energy into pushing its roots down into the rock, resulting in a lively mineral energy in the wine’s finish. These conditions develop good color and firm but refined tannins which impart amazing age-worthiness.


I wondered what was going on…just figured it was soooo good, sold out in ten min.

Clark, I might give you a call. Running low on your wine(s) and Mich. has been off the map for you to ship for quite some time now.

Clark, I’m going to call on Monday cause I wanted 3 it didn’t work. I’m disappointed that the checkout was broken.

Thanks Clark!

When it comes back in a couple months hopefully I won’t have just overspent on Wellington.


Well this is embarrassing!

I hope not a couple of months!!