Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc (4)

Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc 4-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2011 Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc, Lake County

Damn. Rat bottle sitting at work waiting for tasting tomorrow.
Gonna be late, for a TN on this one.

For the third year in a row, Dan Berger, who chooses the best 100 wines to represent the U.S. in the Six Nations New World Competition has selected Two Jakes as the best Cab Franc in America.

Cabernet Franc is the father of Cabernet Sauvignon, leaner and with more depth. Our rocky soils restrain vine growth, exposing berries to our high altitude sunlight, which brings our bright white cherry flavors framed by firm tannins. We enjoy this wine with grilled wild mushroom pasta dishes or pork and plums.

After searching since 1993 for the perfect and complete Cab Franc and finding only blending materials, WineSmith has used exclusively Jake Stephens’ Diamond Ridge Vineyards fruit for its Cabernet Francs. The difference is that WineSmith CFs are aged six to eight years in old wood and become reserve wines with great complexity offered at higher prices, while Two Jakes wines are bottled after three years in wood to preserve fruit aromatic intensity and vineyard typicity.

Vineyard Notes Diamond Ridge is located in a sunny high altitude site with rocky granitic soils which force Cabernet Franc to put its energy into pushing its roots down into the rock, resulting in a lively mineral energy in the wine’s finish. These conditions develop good color and firm but refined tannins which impart amazing age-worthiness.

Because of its proximity to Clear Lake, the site is also blessed with a “lake effect” – a daily visit from the cooling breezes off this deep body of water, largest in the State. The consequence is that the plum and cinnamon aromas the grape develops are conserved. The combination of rich fruit aromatics, firm tannin structure and lively minerality make this among the most complete and collectible expressions of Cabernet Franc in the New World.

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This offering got cut short by a bot wardrobe malfunction or something, so we’re re-running it now. If you’re annoyed, think how Jake feels.

Definitely want some, but can’t spend or store right now. Hope to get this back again in a few months.

What are your thoughts on the 2008 currently? Optimal drinking windows?

I think the 2008 is drinking very well now, due to 78 months in old wood. No rush - I’m sure it will be good for another decade in a good cellar, but I’m not sure it will really improve.

In for 2, one for me and one for my friend. This is one of my Favorite wines. Thanks Clark (and WD).

Mr. smith, can you elaborate on the difference between this CF and the Roman Reserve? I love the RR, but have never had this.

I sometimes call my liver “my friend” too. Funny.

I’m not sure why my state isn’t on the list (Missouri). I’ve purchased a past deal before on their wine. Does anyone have someone I can contact at the winery?

I found this in the discussion for a prior sale:

Clark, congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

Certainly. Exact same grapes, vinified the same way, which is to say, I crush 10 tons of our amazing, Pomerol-like Merlot into the tank and bleed off 50% so I have mostly Merlot skins. Then I crush 23 tons of Cab Franc on top of that. I use untoasted, well cured Alliers French oak chips in the fermenter to aid extraction and bring roundness. Post fermentation I micro-ox for about a month at around 45 times barrel oxygen level to build structure and stabilize color. Then we get malolactic and go into barrel (very old neutral barrels).

The difference now is that this wine is made conventionally in that we add SO2 at this point to suppress microbiology, so you end up with a wine that’s pure grape. Bottled after three years in barrel.

With the Roman Reserve, we don’t add any sulfites at any stage and the MOx, which produces hydrogen peroxide, also reacts up any naturally occurring sulfites. We age for five years. The result is an extraordinarily complex wine which derives its character from a mix of terroir characteristics, aged elements, and intricate microbial balance.

Away on Orientation Day for incoming freshman. Love anything from Clark, especially the Cab Franc. Leave it open for about 30 minutes. All the complexity and nuance start to come alive. One word, YUMMY!!! Get this at this amazing price. Drink now or store for another few years. I’m still working on the 07 and 08. Will pop this baby up in 4 years from now (hopefully). And Congratulation!!!

Thank you! I just left a message for Sandra!

Just hit the button, in for 1. We LOVE cab franc and are looking forward to this! Just hope they survive their trip to FL

I thought I would also point out that neither of your links nor work.

It doesn’t actually look like the Two Jakes site is even in existence any more.

funny, I was just getting some pricing for winesmith cab franc and this deal shows up. In for 2.

We had to change the url of the site to works fine for me. I am having trouble with and am looking into it.