Two Jakes of Diamonds Cabernet Franc (4)

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Did Wine Smith’s longer aged Cab Franc also make Dan Berger’s list of the top 100 wines to represent the US?

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Have been holding onto this bottle since the previous offer that went haywire…

Composite cork, bottom 1/8" saturated. Deep purplish red in the glass, almost as dark as a Petite Sirah.

PnP into a Govino. I swirl for 5-6 seconds then take a sniffy-sniff. As I close my eyes and try to pick out specific fruits or at least categories of fruit on the nose, my synapses are blocked by the strong feeling that I have just walked into a barrel room. The wonderful smell permeates my senses and takes me back to some of the barrel rooms I have actually had the pleasure to visit (including one where we got to tag along with Clark when he visited Ohio a few years ago).

Unable to get past “barrel room” on the nose, I will go back to that after tasting. On the palate I am getting mostly plum but with great depth. Swirl some more… now starting to get some tart cherry, adding complexity to the darker plum notes.

There is a mineral “buzz” on the tongue which is one of the trademarks of Clark’s wines. The oak is well integrated and the tannins are becoming more pronounced with some air time. The body is medium and the finish is medium+.

Revisiting the nose, now I am getting some plum and dark fruits in general, along with something not quite menthol but similar… camphor, maybe? Definitely not the bell pepper that you get with some Cab Francs but something that falls somewhere between menthol and spice.

Another sip… palate still dominated by plum and tart cherry with the addition of some currant, blueberry and light nutmeg notes. The tannins are getting grippier but they are not drying tannins, in fact the wine has a juicy mouthfeel. This is getting better and better as it opens up.

Another trademark of Clark’s wines is ageability and this wine seems like it has the stuffing to persist well beyond the next decade with proper cellaring - which would be no small feat, given the difficult vintage that was 2011.

Sitting on a couple bottles already from a previous offer on some other website but; Last wooter to woot: chipgreen

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Who has the same taste in wine as I do.

It was actually the Two Jakes Roman Reserve 2010 and the Two Jakes 2011 and 2012. The WineSmith 2010 is the same as the Two Jakes with twice the barrel age.

Work today totally killed any possibility of tasting, but not purchasing.

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Thanks Clark