Two Jakes Petite Sirah (4) - Clark Smith

Good wine. good winery. good winemaker. recommended.

Have you tried this offering? Any notes?

I opened a bottle when i got it from the last offering. No personal notes, but these CT notes seem pretty consistent with what i recall.

WD, can you please space out the PS a little more? I mean, come on :slight_smile:

This is great stuff, and anything that Clark Smith makes is an instant buy. This is drinkable now (DECANT DECANT DECANT) but will last quite a while.

I still have the better part of a case at home. Sick deal.

We tried this at Clark’s office last week and we’re really impressed. No notes, but anyone who likes PS owes it to themselves to get a few. I do remember it needed a lot of aeration, so don’t be afraid to decant! It was very well balanced but very young. If only we had some room!

More info from the winemaker and discussion about this wine can be found HERE from a previous offer.

Out of curiosity, are we likely to see the 2011 two jakes merlot on woot again? I have already drank half of my bottles, and would like some more!