Two Jakes Petite Sirah (4) - Clark Smith

Two Jakes Petite Sirah by Winemaker Clark Smith 4-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2012 Two Jakes Petite Sirah, Lake County

I would like to ask Clark how this wine compares to the Esoterica from several years ago. I believe his Esoterica came from a vineyard that was later converted to Cab Sav, so it is gone for good. It was one of my all-time favorites (and my friend’s). I only have a couple bottles of Esoterica left !

Can this 2012 Petite Sirah compare to his previous PS wine?


I don’t believe the Esoterica came from Clark; you’re thinking of Kent Rasmussen. And yes, it is excellent, had a bottle of the ‘08 last week.

Thanks. You’re correct. I believe once Mr. Rasmussen told me the source vines were gone, I turned to Two Jakes - maybe at Kent’s suggestion.

Well, now that my heart is broken, I’ll quit longing for Esoterica. Nice to hear that the Two Jakes was recommended by KR, since I bought two of the current offering.

I have no idea where all this wine is going, but suppose I’d better start looking at decent wine coolers for when the weather turns warm. I live alone, I’m not social, and one bottle of wine lasts for four days. I believe that I’m right at 5 years supply at the moment (although I admit that some of them will be gifted to charity).

Another Wellington Mystery Box is due to arrive today, along with some lovely Scott Harvey white labels, and the Pedroncelli (which I admit to buying for the chocolate).

I’m almost afraid to see what shows up as the offering on the 31st…

I bought 3. The others I bought are gone. It is the worst kind of wine… one that’s to tasty not to drink now but will become something very different down the road. I hope to have some left in 10 years.

Hah, i totally agree. I have 7 bottles right now and I know I need a lot more, but I have already spent way to much money on wine over the last month.

That’s exactly it. An amazing combination of drinkability and ageworthiness, for which Jake and I deeply apologize. Here’s a clip about the 2010,which is nearly identical.