Two Shirts Are Better Than One

Classic: Port and Company.
Fitted: Bella + Canvas.

@hawkida Under the fine print

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Are you logged in via Amazon? The checkout has to verify your Prime membership every time.

Try logging out completely and then log back in.

Didn’t work :frowning: I will try bought two t-shirts but at my shopping card was ordinary price, without promotion (without free second one).

OK, now I see…Offer valid for Prime members with a mailing address in the contiguous United States. For me discrimination :frowning: without any shopping at this web shop.

For those of you eligible and plan to buy a lot of stuff, pro tip!

  • The promo takes off the lowest-priced item(s) per “pair”
  • You have unlimited use of this promo.
  • Pair up similarly priced items in the same order to maximize your savings!
  • One Big Purchase
    – 4 x $19 + 4 x $30 = $196
    – Discount applies to lowest-priced items - 4 x $19
    Total: $120
    Total Discount: $76
  • Multiple Purchases
    – Order 1: 4 x $19 = $76
    – Discount applies to lowest-priced items - 2 x $19 = $38
    Order 1 Total: $38
    – Order 2: 4 x $30 = $120
    – Discount applies to lowest-priced items - 2 x $30 = $60
    Order 2 Total: $60
    Total for Both Orders: $98
    Total Discount: $98

I might just be over thinking this but I plan to do multiple orders in case my logic matches Woot logic.


BOBO didnt work for me - I went thru the entire process and thoughts “maybe the next step it will give me the BOGO” - then after submitting order - NO BOGO!!!

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Have you logged out completely? Stuck cookies in your browser can cause issues when simply signing back in.

  • Log out of Woot.
  • Log out of Amazon.
  • Log back into Amazon.
  • Log back into Woot via the “Login with Amazon” button on the login page.

Well that explains it. Would be REALLY nice if Woot could get a grip on their foreign customers. Once upon a time I used to be able to get an email that told me about shirts only. Then it started advertising 10 things at me, one of which was a shirt, the rest of which I was unable to buy. I wrote to customer services, it did nothing. I mean, it’s great that I can actually buy the shirts, but can they not customise the emails and only advertise offers I can take part in?

Thanks for pointing that out, though. I cancelled the order and am a bit frustrated by the whole thing to be honest, but I know it’s not your fault!

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Not giving me discount at checkout.

Hey there, the promotion is only eligible for Prime members. So make sure you are using the “Login with Amazon” option when you sign in to your Woot account. If you don’t use “Login with Amazon,” it won’t apply the BOGO deal.

My husband is the primary Prime account. We logged in with him and confirmed that the accounts are linked in the account settings. When we go to checkout, it can’t load the mailing or the billing info (via Amazon Pay???). Telling us some junk about being inactive for too long. Consequently, it doesn’t apply the discount.

He has to go to bed soon and I really hate keeping him up fighting this, can anyone provide suggestions? Turning off Privacy Badger hasn’t helped…

Solution: He used Edge instead of Chrome

For the other last minute buyers, this pro-tip is definitely true.

Had a bunch of $15 and $19 shirts in the same order. Discount applied to all the $15 shirts.

Separated order into $15 shirts and another for $19 shirts and it saved me more money.


Two shirts are better than one…when the offer works. I ordered 2 shirts through Woot, hit the Amazon sign in, placed my order…one shirt price was NOT taken off at checkout. I cancelled the order. Reread the instructions, went on Amazon, signed onto my prime account, looked up the same 2 shirts (which were $19 instead of $15), tried to order both…error, try later. Tried different shirts…error, try later. I believe this may be a carnival game—rigged! Boo hiss.

Dang it, missed this. Please kindly extend the promo…

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Hi, I missed this sale unfortunately. Will you be having another B1G1 anytime soon?

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Pair up similarly priced items in the same order to maximize your savings!

Great call, thanks. Saved a few more bucks this way by splitting my 15 and 19s.


i only just got the email about the sale. Darn it all to heck.

FWIW, I had no issues placing multiple orders at different times yesterday, both from my phone and laptop.