Two Shirts Are Better Than One!

You still need to get ANOTHER shirt and ANOTHER hoodie to MAXIMIZE your savings!

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4 orders, if you have a mix of plus sale items and catalog items.

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FWIW, I had no issues with the discount automatically applying on my order earlier.

  • Do log out of Woot and log back in through the Login with Amazon button.
  • Upon checkout, do not hit the place order button right away. Allow the system to verify your Prime status.
  • The express shipping should be removed and the discount automatically applied.

On a different note, I’ve realized that I have over a year’s worth of shirts from these five artists and over two months worth each. :slight_smile:
@fishbiscuit5 -
@jasneko -
@patrickspens -
@Spiritgreen -
@walmazanstudio -


This is not working for me: I try to login in via Amazon and I get a blank screen with the following address:

I would like to take advantage of the special, but the shirt gods have frowned upon me this day.

Things to try:

Make sure you don’t have an adblocker that is blocking Amazon or Woot.
Make sure that you allow cookies from Amazon & Woot
Make sure you’re not at a location that may be blocking our sites (e.g. work)

Try it from a different location or on a different device.

You are amazing as always TT!

I have been blessed, and given an opportunity to send you my money!

Thank you :grin:

How do you get the bogo? I don’t see it in my cart or do I have to press “place order”?

Too late. It’s 4/26 already in Texas where Woot is based.

Thanks, realized it was CT.