Two Wheel Hose Cart

Two Wheel Hose Cart

Seems kind of expensive compared to Lowe’s or Walmart. How is this different?

This one is $99.99 on Home Depot.

Hi there, County Certified Pool Operator here.

I know hoses.

Good quality reels seem a little pricey, but buy a cheap one and you’ll be back buying another one next year if you’re lucky. Most likely it’ll fail mid-season on you, and then the stores will be all out because it’s a seasonal item. Best to buy quality first.

SO is this a quality one? Since you know so much about da hoeses.

Yeah, I’d wrap my hose around that. It looks very flexible too. I’d bend it over in half and let my hose go to town on it.

Gardening is just so damned dirty these days!

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I suddenly want to get out and wash my car.

I wonder if I can adapt your words to get my wife excited about our vacuum? Or stove…just thinking out loud.

She would probably enjoy wrapping both hands around that big hose and going to town on the carpets, on the couch, on the love seat…practically all over the house.