Twu Wuv Flowchart

It needs heart bubbles to go with all those arrows.

I sense a trend ; )

Appealing both visually and mentally.

Thanks Woot!

Love? Blah!

Congratulations to THAT Robert! Great job. :slight_smile:



This would be an awesome poster. I think I might need it one day to help explain “things” to my son when he gets older…

I blame my husband. It really is all his fault. I had never heard of Woot before meeting him. Now, I’m addicted to the shirts and we need another dresser to accommodate my addiction.

What is it lately with flowcharts that don’t use diamonds to separate decision nodes? Someone needs to teach these whippersnappers how to draw a real flowchart!

Awesome! Congrats Robert- This is so smart and well done!

When I voted for this shirt it distinctly said “to blave.”

I’m an old school programmer but am really annoyed by traditional flowcharts so wanted to mix it up a little.

This is one of those times when I really wish woot shirts were still printed on AA, so I would still buy them…

I feel ya…

Mrs natedogg828 (lmfbsn) received this one on the infamous “mutant blank” and it is unwearable for her. Waiting to see what support has to say about it. Not holding my breath for her getting one she can actually wear though