Ty Caton 2005 Field Blend - Three Pack

In for 2, couldn’t wait like I should.

And there’s mill. Wow, I actually beat him for once…

I would love to see him at a wine drinking marathon.

Im in for two…Damn your good deals!!

And with that, I’m going to go crawl back into bed. I need to buy a new wine rack. Badly.

In for 6!

This is a fantastic deal, no way to beat it.

He’s going to need a wine drinking marathon or his new condo won’t have any space to move.

i guess i can check on this, but do you really think we impacted the servers? If so, big bro will be proud.

Three for me…

OK, so I was 2x on the original and stayed strong literally up to the last second (last wooter) on the second offering. Trying desperately (if futilely) to avoid the button. But damn it’s a long way to Monday.

There was a noticeable delay in the processing of the order. Mine was Processing for quite a bit before it actually went through…and I was first sucker.

looks like a choose a good month to start wine wooting. 9 bottles on the way in 1 week. im soo excited i struggle to contain the yearing wino inside me.

15% of this wine is frakking awesome! (The remaining 85% is pretty damn good too, though)

Ty, IIRC, this was all co-fermented, not picked by variety and fermented separately before blending, right?

Can you tell us about how you decided the amounts of each variety and how you handled the aging of the total blend when it’s multiple varieties? Weighted average, or something else?

And that’s the reason I bought it. I have plenty of red blends, but not many that have that 15%.

I don’t think it was wine.woot. The past couple nights the servers (on all the .woots) have been hosed around midnight, though nothing has sold out that quickly. Maybe too many woot checking programs?

Loved the blend last time it was offered here so I’m in again - but only for one since I bought three of the earlier offering (I <3 Tytanium)…

Ty Caton 2005 Field Blend - Three Pack
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Last wooter to woot: Kyrka

Hopefully, we will get some fresh labrat reports. I really enjoyed this blend last fall in Sonoma. Really solid wine. The PS really adds to the structure. Great value and I can’t order.

The case and a half of wine from Oregon, along with some sake from SakeOne and brandy, grappa and liquers from Clear Creek have kind of limited my wooting for now. Also, my wife will be traveling, so I may not have anyone to sign for it.


In fpr 3 based upon the previous comments that were hoping for the field blend and also the rep of the other wines from Caton. I need a sit around sipping wine seeing as I just downed a more expensive wine while watching Kobe kill the Spurs.

Never seem to get my name in lights - in for 3 nonetheless…Thanks W.W - great choice - great price…!