Ty Caton 2008 Petite Syrah Two - Pack

Ty Caton 2008 Petite Syrah Two - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 2 2008 Ty Caton Petite Sirah
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IN FOR 3. Thanks, Ty! :smiley:

Whoa! IS this good? Anyone had it? I’m on the verge for one.

I say curse word…

I escaped the woot-off, but damn. Ty. Petite Sirah. sigh You got me, woot. Well done. :slight_smile:

Edit: I thought I might have clicked fast enough to be first sucker. Oh well.

My wallet is contemplating. If it’s still around in the morning I will dive in. But right now I’m tired enough not to even be able to get out of bed to get my credit card.

See you in a few hours, I hope.

Ty, definitely in!

AND first sucker!

It’s a new vintage. Previous vintages were not offered on Woot, but were awesome. Ty’s PS is a key component in his Field Blend and his TyTanium. Buy this with confidence – I’m sure it’s great.

Alcohol: 15.1%

Is that legal?

It will be gone. :smiley:

2007 Switchback Ridge PS was 16.8%. So, yes.

Well that broke the card :frowning:

One day this will ship to Kansas!

Until then, I mourn. But at least my wallet is happy.

Ditto on both / no woot-off purchases (but did order the Bluejay on Monday). Immediate auto-buy for TC…

New Hampshire misses out on Ty yet again…

Arrrggh…I really want to order this but I’m going to be out of the country May 9th-23rd so that pretty much kills the delivery window for me. No way to hold my shipment is there?

Maybe not…their e-mail a few days ago said “We’re told our next skirmish may be our biggest yet.” - and they just just put a 1 item sold-out laptop on the main woot page. Seems odd to me.

edit: Nevermind. Looks like they fixed the error - it’s really over. And I didn’t buy anything except a BOC :slight_smile:

The budget is completely trashed, but I can’t pass on a TY.

We were in for TyTanium back … oh, in November. I guess that’s not recent.