Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

Ty, how does this compare to the field blend? Loved the field blend but didnt care for the last offering of Racchus.

this woot-off is gonna hurt

Anyone have any reviews of this to compare it. Seems to be a bit young and require cellaring

I’ve found all of Ty’s stuff sold here tastes better a year or so later - YMMV

a little young, but more complex and better than the Racchus (if you got that)

I think the ranking of the Ty Caton red blends goes Racchus < Ty’s Red < Field blend

There goes my short lived SIWBM!!! Autobuy and read the print later…

They’ve never wooted this before. At $28 at the winery It’s a value wine, like the old field Blend it might replace, though this is mostly Syrah… perhaps you could say it’s an Aussie Cab-Shiraz from California!

I’ve tried Caton, and have quite a few bottles, but so far he’s not my favoured style: for example, though his 08 Cab is rather pleasant, smooth fruity and rounded, it’s just not got enough life on the palate for me. The Racchus budget red didn’t really have much of interest beyond some vague dark fruit, though it did have a bit of mineral, which was nice to taste!

It’s an autobuy for many, and for new wine drinkers it’s probably a great place to start. I’ll keep tasting, but slowly. I’ll sit this particular one out.

it’s going to be a long day - goodbye money!

Supposedly the Racchus Red is closer to the old Field Blend …um… blend.
Nonetheless, I jumped in for a couple sets. Got several of the Racchus left, so these can sit for a while.
FSM help me…
(eta link to one of the '05 Field Blend offers)

SIWBM busted!!! I was hoping that I might could survive the wootoff but Ty is an autobuy for me.

I’d prefer to hold out for the Cab or TyTanium… Here’s to hoping some of that drops or maybe Corison Kronos!

I’m with you, I love Ty’s wines

Seriously…bring on the Corison.

Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
3 Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red

CT link above.

Kronos almost certainly out, I’m afraid. We might see some more “ordinary” cab from Cathy, which is amazing anyway, though we tend not to get a Corison offering every woot.

I’m looking for some more non-Victory Wellington Reds…

Her ordinary cab is still amazing though! I don’t remember ever seeing two Ty offerings in the same woot-off so I’m guessing no chance on the TyTanium or straight Cab as well. Sound about right?

I had this last night; it is good stuff depending on your personal tastes. most of the friends that have tried it really like it. I did like the Bacchus and i feel this is more rich and complex.

I never tried the field blend.

not as good as the tytanium in my opinion.

What’ve you got against the Victory?

Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

Last wooter to woot: GeorgeDLR…

Ty is a No-brainer - In for 3!

GeorgeDLR (Denver-Tucson commuter)