Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

I had this last night; it is good stuff depending on your personal tastes. most of the friends that have tried it really like it. I did like the Bacchus and i feel this is more rich and complex.

I never tried the field blend.

not as good as the tytanium in my opinion.

The old Field Blend wass great. In terms of the current offering not being as good as the Tytanium, it’s also about half the cost.

SIWBM. I have a case already!

[How good is this deal?](http://bit.ly/ww20101020TC" title="How good is this deal?)

With shipping charges included, this hovers just below 50% off! Buy it up before it’s gone!

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After going through the kunde 2005 and reserve, I found the 08 ty cab on the light side; needs more cellar time.

That’s a little like saying, “Yeah, the GTi we drove was nice, but it’s no Porsche 911.” :slight_smile:

Exactly - the TyTanium last November was a 2 pack for $69.99

In Ty’s words, “Field Blend Red returns as…2008 Racchus Red Wine” with 36% Petite Sirah, 23% Syrah, 16% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Cabernet Franc, 3% Malbec, 9% Petite Verdot. It was at about the same price point as Ty’s red. I really enjoyed (and am still enjoying…) the Racchus… I’m looking forward to trying this offering, too.

Possibly. Woot DOES like to throw out the “rules”, of course. After all, people kept saying “they’ll never have wine.woot-offs. That would just be insane.” Then they said “They’ll never have 5 offers a week. That would just be insane.”

Well I say having more than one Ty offer in a single woot-off would just be insane.

Take THAT woot gods!

According to the Ty Caton web site, “Field Blend Red returns as… 2008 Racchus Red Wine” (you’re effectively ranking the same wine against itself).

Ty Caton’s red blends are now (more or less low to high order) Racchus, Ty’s Red, and TyTanium.


Retail at Winery: Tytanium $70, this $28.

MX, agreed. what will happen to it over time, anyone with experience of Ty Cabs?

To me the Kunde 05 reserve tasted a lot better on the hillside atop his estate than it does when I open bottles. not sure if I need to keep this one or just drink up. BTW Did you open the Drummond Vineyard one yet, which I suspect may be better?

The 07 ordinary one I tried (by mistake) and it was decent, if a bit young, for a ripe style.

since we haven’t seen TyTanium since last November (and I wasn’t an avid wooter then)…I think we are due :slight_smile:

Oh…and I am on the fence on this. Wish I had a $5 off coupon again to sway me…

Crueler than cruel, wd. Here I’d been thinking I was safe until Thanksgiving after too much wine buying in the last two months. Here I’d been thinking I was safe after managing NOT to buy yesterday’s Wellington…arg!

in for three.

my last ty woot was petite sirah and i haven’t opened any b/c the man himself said that it had the structure to outlive us. perhaps his blends lack that fortitude or perhaps my great grandchildren are going to find some excellllent bottles of wine in the cellar.

An autobuy for many indeed, and just the thing for those who like this sort of thing.

Ty is a great guy and has been a most valued participant and encourager of woot. It is therefore fitting and proper that wooters should return the favor and try his wines.

It’s really a question of style.

okay…fine…in 4 1

The rest of the West Coasters better wake up and get this woot off moving…

You go…pretty ballsy of you. Apparently having a decent woot.robot-appointed avatar can do that for you.

I say having more than one Ty offer in a single woot-off would just be costly (but so worth it!)

I don’t think that’s a woot appointed avatar (white background / the woot ones have no background color…)

Agreed. Echoing a previous note in this thread, I’ve found Ty’s wines improve with age on the shelf. We’ve enjoyed his old Field Blend adn the Racchus is fun but found his 2008 Cabs still need more time (I hope that’s the solution). I figure this would follow suit.