Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red
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10/20/10 (woot-off)

Nabbed this last time. They’re still horizontal for now. Someone tell me how this is drinking currently and I might nab some more.

I don’t have this one, in for 2.

Yeah!!! It’s Ty Time

Ty Caton = instant buy decision

In for 2


I’d get more but I’m saving up for a possible Corison hit…


I wanted to drink some Ty on turkey day, but didn’t feel I had enough to spare. Consider the situation rectified.

Please buy this out before I lose my will to hold off!

No room for wine right now, but man I love TY!

Link to w.woot discussion, the last time around (last month).

I’ve heard enough chatter on these forums about Ty to know I want to try these.

In for one!

Got some last time. It’s crazy good Ty style. For my taste it needs a long decant at the moment. Taster gone, the rest are sleeping awhile.

Tasting Great!

“Yeah!!! It’s Ty Time”

I bought 6 bottles last time, opened for Thansgiving and it was pretty good. I’m not a wine-o, but I usually buy TyCaton when it comes up and have always been pleased.

Not sure if I need another set though.

Anyone know when I should open my TyCaton 2002 Cabernet? Or the 2003 Tytanium?

How does this compare to the Field Blend that I loved so much?

With all the excitement, I’m in for two.
Anyone know when these are drinking their best?
Are they drinkable now? 2-3 years? 10?

Wooo, special woot-off appearance! Welcome back sir, or did you ever leave?! :slight_smile:

Haven’t been on for awhile since was in moratorium mode. But now that I have a job I am back!

Just visited Ty for the barrel tasting while in Somonma a few weeks ago and tried Ty’s Red. Loved it. In for 3 and making this my house red for the season (or gifting a few bottles, can’t decide yet).


Had some in the tasting room and remembered thinking it was a great value for the price and really enjoyed the wine. Glad I purchased these earlier. I noted that the Syrah really shines through in this blend and that I really liked it. That’s all I got though. Not to helpful!

Now is the time, they are tasting great. Don’t let them go more than another couple years.

Ty sneaks in and presses all the buttons during a woot-off. Sonofagun!