Ty Caton 2008 Ty’s Red - 3 Pack

I got this last time around. I enjoy Ty Caton wines, and this one is no exception. I am a big petite sirah fan, and I just barely prefer the Racchus over Ty’s Red. Nevertheless, this is a very good wine.

No notes, but I distinctly remember cherries and cedar. It drank like a Syrah. It was very balanced, and I greatly enjoyed it. This is my least favorite Ty I have tried, but I still recommend it. (My rank would go: TyTanium, PS, Field Blend, Racchus Red, Ty’s)

Well, we are going to be at the tasting room in a few weeks, and still have 5 bottles of Racchus Red, so do we wait and get something even “tastier” there or get these now (not any room left even without a buy)?

Resisting a strong urge to push the button, but I’m hoping for an appearance of the Black Pine Pinot noir in this woot off.

I’ve never been to the tasting room, so I don’t know what kind of discounts are given out, but I don’t think you can really beat this wine for the price. I say pick it up, but my personal tastes towards PS has made me enjoy some of his other wines more. It was still a nice, big, full Ty wine, and I did enjoy the cedar/woody aromas.

Due to all the Ty Hype around these parts I’m in for two! I am especially glad to hear they’re drinking well now because so many of the other wines I get from here have to be laid down for a while.

Just this morning got my white Racchus that I think was supposed to be Rollus (something about a label snafu?). Sounds like I need some of this too. Ah well, the shipping department is no longer surprised at the number of “over 21” packages coming my way (for better or for worse). Cheers!

Ty already answered you himself (always great to get those kinds of questions direct), but I do certainly agree. I haven’t had the '02 Cab but I’ve still got 5 bottles of my '03 Cab which I’ve been slowly drinking up. And it’s currently drinking quite wonderfully.
I also don’t have any of the '03 TyT (just 4 bottles of '04 & 4 bottles of '06 :tongue:) and after trying them earlier this year at the Vegas tasting, I’m sure the '03 is doing quite well. The '04 has a lot more PS in it, so I’d put it at having longer aging potential.

I managed to talk my coworker into letting me buy a bottle of this from him last time it was offered on wine.woot. I drank it very recently. And it was very, very good. Went well with a steak. I ordered some today, with permission from the HWMBO (yes they exist!!)

Ahhhh! I’m supposed to be saving!

Haven’t tried this before, but I’m in for one.

I can’t wait to try it - can I drink it now, or hold on to it for a couple of years?

Got this last time, but haven’t tried it yet. Ty makes great wines and this is a great price, so decided to get another set.

WW has already ruined me for being able to drink the cheap plonk I used to thrive on, and my only concern about this offer is that from what I’ve heard, it might ruin me for even some of the midlevel juice…nevertheless, risks must be taken. In for one!

Instabuy! One set for me and another two that I’ll sell to my coworkers. Happy day :smiley:

No way I’m passing this up! in for 2! I can’t wait!! :slight_smile:

Yes. :slight_smile:

best thing so far ive ordered here has been thta bacchus. so insta buy for me too.

Slightly off topic: Can anyone provide some info on Brother Elmo’s Red Wine (2008) that is now on Ty’s website? Is Elmo also a brother of another mother?

Glad to see this here; my wife and I ripped through our last shipment of Ty’s Red like…uh…wine…through a goose!

Bouncing ball got me!