Ty Caton 2008 Upper Bench Merlot

Ty Caton 2008 Upper Bench Merlot
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PRODUCT: 2 Ty Caton 2008 Upper Bench Merlot
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Oooo, WD, you sneaky devil trying to slip in 2 Ty’s in one woot-off!

Tasting Notes

This extraordinary Merlot greets the
nose with rich aromas of black cherry followed by a lush
mouth feel with layers of flavors including blackcurrant,
plum and a touch of chocolate. Combine these flavors with
soft and supple tannins and a long silky smooth finish and
you have an unforgettable and sumptuous Merlot.


I’ve yet to try a Ty Caton…hmmm…is this the right one to try?

Sideways chimes in on the varietal

Ugh…I do like t his wine and I’m currently out of it. But I also have no space for it. In a couple months I might. Again sending me into fits of indecision and temptation! That’s what I get for following the woot-off, I suppose :slight_smile:

I’d love to grab a ty caton…just really not a fan of merlot it seems though.

this was on WTSO a few motnhs ago…anyone remember how much it went for? Anyone had this? Any feedback?

Ugh, on the fence again. I’ve only bought two of Ty’s wines, the white “Racchus” and Ty’s Red 2009. I didn’t particularly care for the white, but I haven’t had the chance to try the red yet so I’m not sure if this is my glass of wine. I let the PV pass by earlier… what to do, what to do…

Oh boy - 4th purchase in 24 hours. And funny how I actually thought I was restraining myself well up to now, even though a review of my recent orders doesn’t seem to corroborate that feeling.

We drank one bottle of the Ty’s red and it validated what others here have posted over time about Ty - so I’m giving this a go as well (doesn’t hurt that it’s listed as $38 a bottle w/o shipping on their website)

This is not your typical Merlot. If you didn’t know it was a Merlot, you might think it was a Cabernet.

No it was not.

Ty’s Red was one of our favorites of all Woots. My husband and I both fight over every drop, and that’s saying something because I love more fruit forward (though not overly sweet) wines, while he likes a little more restraint. So you could say that his red is really well balanced. The white, we did not love, but one thing I’ve learned is that I really have become a red girl, and he was never a fan of white. However, I found a friend who loves whites, especially those that tend towards the soft, melon-y white that the Bacchus was, and she was very appreciative. When I saw this Merlot offered, it was a lickety split auto buy. Can’t wait to try it!

And I was doing so well with my, “Eh, I’ll pass, it’s Merlot” train of thought. I hate you, Ty (but in the nicest possible way).

Last wooter to woot: sheephavewool


Interesting interview with…well the guy who just showed up can be found here…

Here is a excerpt.

RED: Please tell me a little bit about the wine we are featuring today.

TY: The Merlot is Estate produced wine from our Upper Bench area in the vineyard. It’s not a typical Merlot – we call it a “Cab drinker’s Merlot.” It’s a Merlot disguised as a cab. It’s complicated & has a lot going on.

RED: What is your favorite pairing with today’s wine?

TY: Lamb

RED: How would you recommend people approach your wines and wine in general?

TY: These wines are somewhat of a cross over – they can be sipped by themselves or enjoyed with a meal.

This. :frowning:

Last wooter to woot: hogfatt

I believe that was the ‘2009 Ty Caton Merlot Annadel Estate Caton Vineyard’ on WTSO, not this wine…