Ty Caton 2008 Upper Bench Merlot

Miles, eat your heart out!

i caved in :frowning:

How are these compared Red blend that was recently on here? I havn’t pop my TY Reds yet.

I guess I’m going to have to impose a WBM unless it’s a woot!off. Four purchases so far. Hubby just said “don’t you have enough wine in the basement?” My response was, “it’s not like it goes bad!” The kid moved out last month, so the basement has plenty of space available. Keep the “must buy” offerings coming. Ty’s wines are always great. I’m hoping to see the Racchus (that should have been Rollus), hopefully during daylight hours since I missed it last time around. I’ve had Ty’s Red (with a few in reserve) and it is yummy! Thanks for the participation Ty.

But if i’m a huge fan if merlot, then i might not like this?

It does sound like a wonderful wine the more I read on it… but most resist at this time.

That means all of you others need to buy now!!!

I’m just hoping he slips in one more - more of the Ty’s Red 2009 please.

Ty equals must bye for me.

I just bought 2 from the airport shuttle bus with my Android!


ain’t technology great!

I can somehow manage to squeeze in two more bottles of wine in my dwelling, right?

Well… I get paid at the end of the week.

In on this one. Time to go home and pop a Red.

Just did my part to move this Woot along…in for one!

Really, It’s Ty Caton dont think too hard. It will be an excellent value and if you’re anywhere but sonoma you’ll introduce your friends to a great sustainable winery and enjoy a good glass too!

got 1.

How long can I keep these in my cellar? CT says until 2013 is that accurate? or will they last longer?

Just popped a bottle of the 08 Upper Bench Merlot…

Please take us through each sip!

Edit: Each smell, each swirl!

I think 2013 is a good date. It will last longer, probably several years longer, but I’m not sure it will get any better. I just opened an 04 Estate Merlot and it is still strong.

See…And that’s what I was going to expect from you, Ty.

And, honestly, a '94-ish Merlot from Gundlach was what got me into red wine. Merlot can be amazing if done well.

I think I’m in just to give yours a try. Always a huge fan. Down to ONE signed Field Blend bottle from our trip out there a few years ago.

This is an absolutely amazing Merlot. And at this price point, a total no brainer. Would buy a set myself except I can just head on over to the tasting room for some. Emailed my friends and family about this one.