Ty Caton 2009 Carlton Brooke Petit Verdot - 2 Pack

Whew … thought the pepper mills would never sell out :slight_smile:

Ty Caton 2009 Carlton Brooke Petit Verdot - 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 Ty Caton 2009 Carlton Brooke Petit Verdot
CT link above

Can someone help out here? I’ve never had a wine comprised of 100% petite verdot. I see there are a few CT notes on this and the 2008, but exactly what are we dealing with here?

Ty Caton 2009 Carlton Brooke Petit Verdot - 2 Pack
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Woot! First sucker. Also my first post. And probably my first step to a long explanation to SWMBO following the perusal of my next credit card statement… Would a woot-off hold up as grounds for temporary insanity in court???

I dunno, Petit Verdot seems to be the Vermouth of the wine world; fine for blending in, but why would you drink it solo?

Ty-if there is any winery participation on this woot-off, would love to know your thoughts on drinking window for this varietal.

Excited for this

In for one. I’d be in for more but I already over spent my allowance in Sonoma and at Ty’s a few weeks ago.

I tried about nine wines at Ty’s, all were smooth and well balanced including this one. In my glee I left my tasting sheet behind. If your ever in Sonoma, Ty’s is a must.

This is going to be a good Woot Off, I can tell. I love Wooting Off when there’s proper juice flowing. Hoping for some Sake One and Roessler Pinots.

Going to skip this one but this is a great time for a Woot Off! The other half was just telling me last night I need to find some good whites (I’ve Wooted a ton of reds lately) so today and tomorrow will hopefully take care of that.

I do love the Ty we’ve bought (Racchus Red) though so I might have to give in if some of his other offerings show up later.

Let’s just hope I don’t need to buy a second new wine rack in two weeks in order to hold all my recent purchases…

These are $49.00 a bottle,plus shipping from Ty’s Winery. So this is a good deal.Pretty much 50% off. If you know what this wine is like.

PV tends to be used for “structural” purposes when blended with other varietals - like Cab franc. Expect big, face-smashing tannins. but in a good way. Normally, PV’s can be laid down for a while. We had a HUGE PV at an early NoVA/DC GTG that we left in a decanter for 20 hrs, and it was still wrestling our tastbuds.

I plan to let this chill out for a couple of years.

Of all Ty’s wines I actually disliked the Racchus the most. I think it just needs time in the bottle. Giving the ones I have a few more years or popping them for parties. I have been hoping for another Field Blend.

Well, to me it was one of Ty’s best reds, as his style smooths out any perceived bumps in wines. PV is a heavy but “empty” grape, so it actually benefits quite well from this. I’d even be tempted to blend this with some of his others if you have any, to see what happens: you might find that a Ty Caton PV-CS blend is the missing link in your cellar!
(actually, I mean it… that might well work).

Price-wise the official retail is way overpriced, but at this price it’s back in range: I’d say it’s certainly no better than Wellington’s PV (to my palate not as intense or lasting, but easier), or perhaps even the Bell Cellars PV we had (but that might be down to taste), but if you like Caton’s wines this will certainly work for you: he can’t smooth off all the edges and that makes this quite a fun wine, and certainly one of his best.

I was waiting for the pine-nut nior.

Yes, my note is the CT one. Often big, strong, even harsh, with mountainous tannins , with inky black and cassis notes, but att he same time on the palate “empty” and lacking in body fullness, they are used for adding backbone and structure to wines to help them age, so it stands to reason that you can age this.

Ty’s wines seem to be made for the early-drinking Hollywood and SF dahhlings, so they are constructed for earlier drinking than most, and this is actually pretty palatable now, as it has Ty’s trademark acid and smooth palate compared with other PVs. Will benefit from a year or three, but if you want an easy and quick intro to a PV, this is probably a good one.

And as I said above: for extra fun, hold a Ty Caton blending party with it…

I appreciate the info. Up here in northern Mn I don’t see much PV.

This could be your lucky day! I have Sake’ One in my basement.

This from 3/09

and this from 9/08

Try as I might, I have not exactly enjoyed the Sake experience. I would be open to selling it to you if you are interested. I did open two of the small bottles, but I know the other two, and the Lemongrass bottles are untouched, as well as the G Joy.

I have no idea on how these things age though…


I could kick myself. I left my tasting sheet after visiting Sonoma last year. Never figured I’d be able to afford having Ty’s wines shipped to SC. I do know I loved his Riesling. It was the perfect wine for our picnic lunch… hope that comes up.