Ty Caton 2009 Carlton Brooke Petit Verdot - 2 Pack

I could kick myself. I left my tasting sheet after visiting Sonoma last year. Never figured I’d be able to afford having Ty’s wines shipped to SC. I do know I loved his Riesling. It was the perfect wine for our picnic lunch… hope that comes up.

While the Racchus is the only Ty wine I’ve managed to get in on here to date, I don’t disagree with you there. It’s good but definitely better even after breathing for a while.

I bought 8, gave 2 or 3 away as gifts, and we drank 2 of them. I plan on leaving the remaining 3 bottles in the rack for a while.

for me, just to see what it is behind part of a classic claret blend. If you know what it tastes of, you might spot it in the wine, and what it does for the overall balance, feel and structure of one you like, or don’t! Trying a few has helped me, certainly, and they have their own charm! I love the cassis / blackberry and inky richness without the bitter / heft of a PS. Fascinating!

I can’t decide on this…I like Ty’s wines but I have never had a straight PV. I am not opposed to aging it for a period of time…

$49.00 per bottle at the website: Ty Caton website

As always, thank you for an excellent response!

Tasting notes on Cellar Tracker - linked above and elaborated on by richardhod but I thought it would be useful to quote this ITT as well:


Sigh… I told myself to stay away from the computer… but NO

In for 2

Ask others how Ty’s wines age, as I don’t know. Also, I was with mewalk and tenuki at the tasting.

I’m actually not a huge fan of most of Ty’s wines, (eg found the merlots undrinkable, but they may have been too young) but he knows his market, is very personable, has excellent customer service, and his wines are smooth, reliable and accessible. This one by dint of the grape varietal and probably good growing has to have a little more character!

My take is, if you like Ty’s wines, this is good and will also stretch you in all the best ways. I’m half tempted myself, though the SIWBM will have to take a lot of hammering.

Reactions on checking online this morning:

  1. Woot-off?! Dmmt my SIWBM was going so well…
  2. Ty Caton in a pure varietel I’ve never tried? Autobuy!

…but woot…my bank account…you’re killing me!:wink:

On a side note given how tannic PV is described as being…and how young these are with the price…I would guess/hope that they are meant to age for a while?

Hmm, I have a bottle of this in the cellar already. The price is right, I think, but I’m afraid to have three bottles without having even tasted it.

Ty + Birthday Code = Buy!

+1 for Roessler. I only have a bunch of Bluejay I won’t let myself drink yet.

When does Woot usually send out birthday codes?

Mine’s in two weeks and a code during the Woot Off would be on heckuva present!

Err - nevermind, just remembered it’s for the month you signed up for Woot. Gotta wait until December… Christmas present!

This is a special wine. My dad put in a small, high density, 2 acre vineyard out behind his house on the west side of Sonoma Valley ( much different than Caton Vineyard ). This is the second vintage. I was able to get 5 barrels. The label was made to honor my parents.

They were bought by a bigger winery and have not been on woot since.

Look for the old Roessler winemaker’s new label R2 (R Squared) sometime in the future.

PV on it’s own is very unique, but you are starting to see more of them. To drink now, I would decant it for a 1/2 an hour or use a decantus and you’re ready to go. It will also age 5-7 years or longer.

Thanks for checking in on the forum! You make me feel even more honored that I managed to buy this! Talk about a small-batch wine…:slight_smile:

The woot gods wanted something new and different with uncommon character. This wine will deliver and not disappoint.

I only have about 10 cases or less of the Riesling left. That won’t make it past the tasting room and will probably be gone in a week or two. Have no fear, the next vintage is in preparation!