Ty Caton 2009 Petite Syrah - 2 Pack

This should get the woot wineaux juices flowing!

I want this, but I am in wine overload right now. Is someone going to talk me into buying?

HELP! I love PS & I have no $$ & this is TY

you’re my FRIENDS, right? what do I do??

charge it!

just kidding. i haven’t had the chance to try ty yet (although I’m waiting for the red 3-pack to come in)… should i stack the odds and get this too??

Are they 2008 or 2009, is the 2008 a cut and paste from the last wine.woot offering?

buy it on credit and hope that the financial system collapses so you never have to pay it back?

2009? This would need to be left in a dark corner and forgotten for about five years, no?

I mean, I can go for a good young PS thrown in the decanter for about twelve hours every now and then, but two years old is just inconceivably young for drinking.

Or rampant inflation where the money and debt is worthless but the wine is the new gold. With our stocked caches of wine, we could all be the next oligarchs!

The previous offering was the 2008 and it was fantastic. WW really wrecking my wallet this past two weeks

Use the card!!!

Consensus on cellartracker is that the 2008 is still too young, including an 82 by richardhod in August 2010. These probably need plenty of cellar time.

And by comparison, HitAnyKey thought the 2004 was a bit overaged when tasted in September 2010.

I wonder why cellartracker’s Ty reviews are so woot-heavy. :slight_smile:

Can’t help- We’re right there with you. I’ve spent way too much lately on wine. And WD throws this at us. Ty and PS. The double whammy, again. In for 3.

Now, lets get something non-enticing up here…

I hate [/really <3] you all/-**

Would normally get this. But SWMBO has placed WBM. Something about needing to pay for our 22nd anniversary next week when we go out of town (sans children).

On the upside, at said anniversary, we will be having our last bottle of 2003 TyTanium :slight_smile:

as opposed to…??


[edit] I want something resembling something like a statement that includes important, valuable and desirable information for garnering [a modicum of] interest!*

*remember tonight’s initial wine.woot/off offering when I mentioned that I might have already started drinking? :confused:

We hate ourselves as well (for being so weak), but such is the life of the wineaux. Buy more and more and the cellar grows. Retirement should be sweet!~


Good PS. as with all of Ty’s wines it is high alcohol and very noticeable if you pop and pour. Definitely let it decant a few hours or run it through the vinturi.