Ty Caton 2009 Racchus Reserve Red - 4 Pack

The 08 was very good: to me Caton 's best wine and by far his best value. It NEEDS AIR though, about 30-60 mins to open up. My casual wine-liking friends loved it due to its ripe fruity accessibility, soft dark palate, and decent enough acid backbone.

I suspect that the composition of the wine is, as with the very different but also excellent Wellington “Duke”, down to what grapes are left after the premium reds are made!

Hmm, I’ve done a good job of abstaining from wine purchases lately, mainly to build my cigar collection back up(if its not one habit its another, haha). I loved the last Racchus as did most everyone I’ve shared it with, mostly fairly picky co-workers/associates in the restaurant industry, so I may have to be in for a couple.

The '08 had such great QPR, but this blend is so very different I may sleep on it and see some comments before I commit for two.

Very different I would say but that said the 08 was delicious and a friend asked if I could get some more for her so hopefully this will be just as good. In for two before it’s gone

I lied went in for three just could not resist-Ty has never disappointed yet.

My CT notes on the '08:
“10/6/2010 rated 92 points: Wow! Simply a great blend. Smooth & well integrated already, it still has the tannin structure for some aging. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops over the next few years. Probably the best QPR play from Ty since the '04 Field Blend.”

While the blend is different, I would expect the same well made wines we always get from Ty. I’m in.

Big supporter Ty but I really did not care for this wine. Maybe it just needs another few years in the bottle idk. For those of you looking for another Field Blend this is not it.


I have purchased many of the TC offerings and really have enjoyed most of them a lot. The Racchus that was offered last time really didn’t turn my crank. Funny how taste buds can be so divergent.

What part of Texas do you live in? It’s still going to be 104 degrees here in Austin today which will cook wine on a truck pretty easily :frowning:

I need to stop buying wine because we’re going on vacation in a few weeks… but I could NOT pass up the Racchus. Last year’s offering was one of my first Wine.Woots! and I’ve been hooked on this site and Ty Caton’s wine ever since. I’m really looking forward to getting this!

Love all Ty’s wines so I’m in for one…can’t wait!

In for one, now to find a good wine rack to see what all I’ve stockpiled this year!


Arrgh! I’m broke again – shouldn’t buy more wine. I missed the '08 Racchus Red (though this is obviously quite different). I love the other reds I’ve had from Ty. What I really need here is for someone who has had the '09 to tell me about it so I can overcome my hesitation to spend my money on this wine instead of on, say, the mortgage.
Oh, or a winning lottery ticket. That would cut way down on my hesitation, too.

congrats on first sucker!!!

Thanks, Richard… I always value your reviews highly.

I agree it needs lots of air, and perhaps we were always just too excited to drink it that I never waited long enough. We’re getting a nice new decanter (and hopefully a vinturi) for our wedding in a couple months so the Racchus might be the perfect “first bottle” to try out in it.

Here’s what I bought earlier this year. Great quality and price - and doesn’t take up too much space!


Since there is a new wine everyday now is the percent sold by day chart going to disappear? No big deal, just wondering.

What to do, what to do… I loved the 2008!!! I shouldn’t be buying more wine… I have a bunch coming from orders I made during the summer… But I haven’t had a wine made by Ty that I didn’t like!!! Someone twist my arm!!

Interesting in hearing about this blend…I didn’t know Ty did anything with Sangiovese. The 2004 merlot is drinking beautifully now. This wine is obviously meant to be drunk sooner than that, but he is definitely releasing very close to bottling so i would givevit a couple years. I wonder if that caused some of the spritz last year.

I’m another one that didn’t enjoy the 2008 Racchus. We just tried a third bottle a couple of weeks ago and I still find it too fruity and not much else. Gave it a good hour decant this time too.

Seriously, though this one looks like a very, very different wine given the mix. So not sure it’s worth comparing.

Loved the other Ty Caton wines I’ve bought, 2009 Ty’s Red and the 2008 Riverbench Merlot. Would buy more of those any time.

Wow, I’ve got boxes and boxes of wine, two coolers filled to hilt with wine, wife is in the hospital, and WD puts Ty up on a Monday. I’M IN…Ty’s is my autobuy wine!!!