Ty Caton 2009 Racchus Reserve Red - 4 Pack

Ty Caton 2009 Racchus Reserve Red - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Ty Caton 2009 Racchus Reserve Red
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If you’re not getting a case, you shouldn’t buy…

I just drank my last bottle of this. In for 2 this time!

Oh Boy!


Why do you say that?

dang… so early into the woot off… want 2, but need to save some $ in case something else shows up I want!!! In for 1!

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I’ve heard so much about this one, I’m excited to try!

The 2008 was excellent, and i missed the 2009 last time around. While this Racchus is a different blend than the 2008, the Blitzen was similar and got very good reviews at our holiday festivities. In for 2!

because it’s that good. really nice table wine. it doesn’t compare to his “normal” reds, but I think it’s fantastic for drinking right now.

edit - i think it’s a lot better than blitzen as well. brighter with a better acidity. blitzen felt oakier to me, took a long time to open up.

Oy Vey. This is going to be an expensive day for a Wootoff, I can feel it.

Have loved all the other Ty Catons I’ve had, so in for one on this.

Availble to rat, etc.

wrings out wallet

Same here. I love this stuff, my favorite purchase so far. But I know there is more deliciousness to come.

Didn’t try the 2008, but this was better than the Blitzen (which still needs some time in the bottle).

This red is ridiculously good! Fruit forward and delicious. You won’t regret it! +1

because it is sooo yummy!!!

I’m in for one. Need to keep some $ to see what else comes to the table, so to speak :wink: I’ll let you know if I’m kicking myself for that decision after the first bottle is gone lol.

Same here too! Good thing I have to leave for several hours! Oh wait, I will have my smart phone dang! Maybe I should leave it home! haha

Insta-buy because it’s TY. Only 2 bottles left from previous woot.

I think this is a good one to use my Woot Birthday code on.

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I’m interested, but can anyone weigh in that has had this and the 09 Ty’s Red? The red wasn’t bad by any stretch, but it didn’t really wow me either (at the previous woot price @ ~$18). This is another QPR but I’m interested in how it compares style-wise.