Ty Caton 3 Bottle Mixed Red Sampler

Ty Caton 3 Bottle Mixed Red Sampler
$69.99 + $5 shipping
1 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
1 2009 Upper Bench Merlot Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
1 2009 Ballfield Syrah Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
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Goodness, it’s been an expensive morning already…

I like Ty, but this seems a bit aggressively priced to me.

[Edit: Comment was unclear in retrospect. After seeing 2006 Wellington Victory at $30/bottle, $25/bottle for this mix feels expensive, especially knowing that, given Ty’s style, it’ll need to be aged for several years before drinking. Of course, that’s just an analogy, YMMV, &c.]

like $124 on the website plus shipping, had to jump on this one…

Via email conversation with Ty, MD should now be available from the winery. WD - can you confirm/deny?

Meaning too discounted because its bad wine??

drinking windows anyone?
i’m running out of space to store wine…
would the merlot be ready to drink, 1 year on the syrah, and a few more on the cab?

Mad Dog?

Not the TyTanium I’ve heard so much about, but a good 50% discount sampler package and ~20% less than CT values. Great for one like myself that’s not yet tried any of Ty’s juice. It’s time.

Curious what he or she meant by that as well. Could also be that with Racchus and Blitzen as pretty recent “Ty” offerings, newer wooters could think his price point is usually around the $10 buck range, which is very far from the truth. These are not the same. These come from his estate, he is in charge of everything from soil to bottle, and that makes the wines far more special (and pricier) than the two I mentioned above.

I absolutely adore Ty’s wines, but just can’t justify these at this time. Especially since I plan on putting a good dent in the funds when–or if–the Cavedoni comes around, cough, cough.

I really WANT to buy this, but think I’ve got some put away. This probably needs to bet put away until at least 2014.

Just for reference I revised my comment above in response to the previous poster.

I’ve never had any of the Ty Caton wines, so what is typically his style? Fruit-forward reds or a more european style? Big and bold out the box or destined for aging?

Love to get some input from anyone who’s had his wines before.

After his 50% sale last week - this is just average…

Not that this might not be a good deal…

But going to hold my powder dry for a better deal on some all red juice…

If this ships to MD I am totally in for 2. I really do not want this to ship to my girlfriends apartment in DC unless I have no other choice. Resident services in her building is a major pain.

Edit/ nice wordfiltering on “do n o t want”

Modern American style, ripe, fruit forward, not a European old-school balanced style. However, it has very zippy acidity, making for an acid balance to the fruit; though with the Brix at harvest, ripe style, and the grapes involved I presume this is due to acidulation. I’d love to hear more from Ty about how he manages this though in case I’m wrong.

His PSs are very tannic young, however, and it seems the sweet spot for the Cabs and Tytanium is about 5-7 years old, but the many fans on this board will give their opinions on this.

shipping went up again there though…it was brutal for east coasters

Keep in mind…ONLY $5.00 woot shipping on this deal and NO sales tax…Both are a Killer if ordering from the winery…even if 50% off on winery deal! Woot deal is WAY better by far…Only thing is…No choice on the juice you want with woot…What you see is what you get…If it wasn’t for the Merlot…I would be in for 2 or 3…NOT A MERLOT LOVER!!