Ty Caton 3 Bottle Mixed Red Sampler

Adam, we have a permit to ship to MD!!!

ABSOLUTELY!!!..Got hammered on the East Coast shipping on the Ty deal as well as the Muscardini 50 off deal…Then again…Could NOT resist!!!

Welcome Ty!!

I have the '09 TyTanium that is aging in the cellar. How are these drinking now?

These wines are very big, definately not European style wines. I have recently consumed an 06 TyTanium, and I thought it still could use quite a bit more age. I may not open any more of my Ty Catons until 2014, many will be much later than that considering I’ve gotten a lot of 09 recently.

Tried to hold out, just now making a dent on all I bought last wine wook off, alsa I hit the big yellow button.

How much? I paid $5 for So Cal.

Found a case of Rockus/Bockus (a woot a month ago that I loved) and paid $26.00 shipping, but got the wine at $12 ea so I didn’t mind.

respectfully steps forward and curtsies before the wine.woot gods

Would it be possible to please have the vintners automatically include the drinking window for their wines in the rest of the stats at the top of the page? It is a question that gets asked every.single.time. And if we aren’t here when it is answered, sometimes we have to sift through several pages of posts to find it.

humbly curtsies and steps back into the shadows

The 2008 upper bench merlot was great. Went down more like a good cab based blend in my opinion. I wouldn’t let the usual merlot stigma stop you on this one.

Unless I am missing something, all of this juice is red…perhaps you meant something different than I discerned?

I’d like to be in, but I’ve already got a case of the red blend and the QPR on that is the bees knees.

Cellar too full to break the SIWBM. Also made the mistake to commit infanticide on Ty’s Petite Syrah that was on here recently, and the tannins were tightly wound up. Drank it before it opened up, but it reminded me a lot of a decent Bordeaux.

In general, I’d say if you’re looking to try some Ty, you might want to hold out for the field blend (Ty’s Red) to get your feet wet. It only gets better from there since the field blend is the entry point for his wines.

Ty’s wines are pretty much a guaranteed QPR that is head and shoulders above the average similar woot offering and a no-brainer when compared with the local grocery store offerings for the same price.

The Syrah was excluded from the sale, so considering it’s $42.00 alone, that makes this quite a good deal. Shame their such babies, as I’m wine space challenged.

Well you’re right it’s not so much of a discount, and Ty’s retail prices have steepened in the past few years (due to his popularity it must be said), so the Wellington QPR is probably much higher, but then the Wellington is much more European in style, and it’s much easier to sell American fruit-forward wines in the US, especially ones of quality which I gather these are!

alsmost always. not a huge fan of the tytanium, but love everything else ive tried of his.

The same individual also asks about the window on non-wine items and gets a few laughs from the Wine.Woot noobs – so don’t expect that question to stop. It gets automatically asked even if the window is specified on CT.


is this wine Kosher?

Well, I’m not that individual, and would sincerely like to know. :slight_smile:

ETA: I really didn’t think adding one line of info was much to ask for at all.

lol i think they just put in what the winemaker provides, and then it leaves scope for people to ask it here. woot is a budget store after all… look at the forum technology! :sunglasses: