Ty Caton 3 Bottle Mixed Red Sampler

My opinion is that a wine’s drinking window can be a matter of personal taste. My wife prefers young, bright, fruity wines; I prefer the character of older wines. And I’m not talking about a wine made to drink young vs. a wine made to be aged - I’m talking about a comparison of similar wines from the same winemaker.

Cathy Corison would agree with you to the extent that she drinks her own wines at all ages, and enjoys the story they tell as they age.

Some wines do age better than others, of course, and restrained European styles like hers take on secondary bottle characteristics much better than modern ripe American styles, which can just fall off a precipice, or fade without gaining benefits with age. Having said that, most good quality Cabs and similar even of the riper styles do need a few years to integrate and show their stuff, just - IMO - don’t keep those ones toooo long!

Santa, please bring me a bigger house so I can Wine Woot more! Iam running out of space and may have to kick my hubby out to make room for more wine.

I sort of like the forum technology; it’s kind of like coming home to grandma’s house. And grandma always had good wine. :slight_smile:

I have a collection of different vintages of Dunn Vineyards’ Howell Mountain Cab. About a year ago we enjoyed a bottle of '99. I felt the wine was still far too young (but still VERY delicious!), the wife thought it was good but it wasn’t her favorite wine of the night. This year we visited the winery and my wife’s favorite was the 2007. I simply noted the potential it had and bought some to age. :slight_smile:

Specific to Ty Caton wines, I haven’t had one yet that I thought was aged enough to get the round character I prefer in a wine. The wife loves every bottle we open.

Seconded - Ty’s Merlot is fantastic! I’m tempted, but I’m trying to keep my aging space dedicated to things like Burgundy and Barolo.

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Me Too! Poor hubbies…

difference between asking about the drinking window here as opposed to the ‘specified’ window on CT, is while CT data is also user edited, there is a chance that the winemaker can chime in here on woot… also with cabs that are made to age, it does help to hear from the wine experts here… especially if they are going to be dormant… and if you happen to like cabs in that dormancy, then you can mark your windows for those years to enjoy it…

$34.25 for 3 bottles shipped to NY It included tax of about $9.25 on the 3 bottles…But that was before saving $120 on 3 bottles of TyTanium…

OKAY!!!..Based on the recommendation…I jumped in for 1 while it was bouncing!!!

Interesting! I’ve a feeling it’s not an exact science, and as you show, tastes vary so much :slight_smile: