Ty Caton Cabernet Collection (2)

Ty Caton Cabernet Collection 2-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶0̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 44% off List Price
2010 Terraces Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley
2010 Little Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley
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Haven’t met a wine from Ty I didn’t like. As long as you let them breathe, that is!



I most likely had these at Ty’s futures barrel tasting in 2011 but I have no idea which ones I had, there were only 10 barrels pulled out all different vineyards. So yes this was a pointless self important post and you are all welcome.

Since Ty will be wanting to move on to his 2011s soon enough, this is a nice opportune deal. I’ve still got 3 of the 4 individual 2008 Cab Collection bottles here (drank the first a couple weeks ago). As always, delicious. Thankfully my siwbm decided what I’m going to do about today’s offer.

Ty, what’s the preferred drinking order on the Arroyo, Upper Bench, and Big Hill? I think we drank the Barracks first. Hope it was the right choice!

I’m always hesitant about trying Ty Caton, because wines that require long aging are just a pain for me. But hope springs eternal - how long do these guys occupy rack space before they’re good?

CT has the Little Hill now thru 2017, and the other as a Drink By 2017.

They’re 2010, so probably drinkable now, but you will need to decant (allow them to breathe for an hour or more) them. Maybe less.

You could also use a Vinturi aerator for each glass instead of waiting an hour.

Or better yet, Vinturi into the decanter, then give it about 15 minutes to settle down. With wines that need time to open, that’s my preferred method.

Once the air gets into the wine, there’s still a certain amount of time required for air to interact with the wine. Chemical kinetics, and all of that.

Wine shower anyone?


With young cabs, I tend to vinturi into a wine shower into a decanter, let sit 30, then drink slowly throughout several hours. You get close to the experience of cellaring several bottles and opening them each at different times.

Or you don’t. But it’s fun.

On the fence, bought too much wine the past few weeks, but I do like Ty’s stuff. If it’s still around in the morning, I may have to bite…

If your state isn’t on the “Ship to” list, go here for more info.

I love Ty’s wines so much I joined his wine club. A not inexpensive proposition. I’ve not had this particular offering, but if my cellar were not already full of Ty’s other goodies, this would be an auto buy.

A little off subject, but I just joined a wine club after enjoying a particular wine I purchased on WW. Can anybody out there speak to the advantages/disadvantages of joining a wine club? Beside the obvious case discounts, I was a little disappointed to receive pre-selected bottles at what I thought was a high price. Thanks for any comments.

I think the advantage is usually in the winery’s favor. If you’re looking for value as a top priority, then I think wine clubs are always going to disappoint (unless, perhaps, you live within driving distance of the winery). They’re all structured differently, but the advantages as I see them have been:

  1. I don’t forget about the winery. Once or twice a year a wine maker that I have historically really liked sends me stuff he or she is currently working on. By joining the club there’s some structure in place so it “crosses my desk” at regular intervals.

  2. Hypothetically speaking you should be getting wine to taste before most people get their hands on it. If there’s an excellent release of a particular type…you are more or less first in line to buy it up before it sells out. However, I sometimes feel like they also use wine clubs as a clearing house and stick less-than-great wines in there.

  3. I’ve never been impressed by the discounts, because the shipping tends to “counter balance” the price. That said, if you live within driving distance I think they become reasonably good deals.

  4. Most wine clubs come with tasting privileges of some kind at the winery (assuming they have a tasting room). Again, if you lived close this could make the membership much more valuable and fun.

I think in most cases you join because you really enjoy their wines, you want to taste a wide variety of what they produce, and you like dealing with the winery. I buy most of my Wellington here, because the prices are better. I really like the Wellington wines though and I find the staff member (Toby) a pleasure to deal with. If I were just focused on the QPR though, I wouldn’t do the club.

Oh, and depending on how the club works, most will let you “pass” on an order. So if you’re really full on wine or you’ve already bought a lot of what is already in the club shipment, just shoot them an email and ask if you can sit this round out. I wouldn’t stay with a club that didn’t allow that type of flexibility.

+1. Thanks for your observations!

I have never joined a wine club, will never join a wine club. I buy a fair amount of wine, but I prefer to buy what I want to drink, not what someone else wants me to drink.

I’ve joined a few clubs after visiting wineries in California because their wine isn’t distributed in my state. I agree the shipments aren’t usually a great deal, but they’re wines that I like and don’t mind paying to have it delivered to my door since the only other way to acquire it is a trip to the West Coast.

I joined Ty’s club after visiting the tasting room in May. One big perk was having access to a 50% off sale earlier this summer. I received a mixed case at a great price. A few of my other clubs have offered sales like that to members and it’s a great opportunity to stock up.

I’m not sure I’d be bold enough to try this with such an expensive cab, but for young Pedroncelli’s I pour about half a glass, put the cork back in, and shake the daylights out of it for about 30 seconds. Then I’ll pour another glass. The difference between the two is profound.

One of our wine club memberships hosts poolside parties every quarter where members can come pick up their wines. The food is always good, too.

I haven’t tried the 2008 wines in some time. If I had to make an educated guess, for that vintage, I would drink the Arroyo, Big Hill, Upper Bench with the Barracks last

I agree with that one! :slight_smile: