Ty Caton enTycement (3)

I bought this the last time it was offered because I thought the blend might make it similar to The Prisoner. There doesn’t seem to be many blends out there that are zin based but not dominated. I am buying again because it is very good. It has more body and structure than most zins and a bigger mouth feel and long finish. I’m a fan, especially at this price.

Any potential WootLeggers out there from MD or DC?
I’m in NOVA (Alexandria near W.W. bridge).
I liked Deckerbrain’s desription and have enjoyed Ty Caton red blends in the past.
Any other comments from people who have tasted (tasting notes /value judgements)

Perfect opportunity to:

  1. Use my $5 coupon
  2. Finally try a Ty

In for one.

extremely happy georgia is listed - it’s been missing for what seems like forever

Do purchases since the Amazon shakeup not go toward your woot total? I’ve been on 99 for a while and wine is about all I buy on woot.


I’m sure the wine is good, I hate the name though. I would be a bit more entyced at $15 a bottle shipped on this. Pass.

I’m signed in on Woot but it redirects me to pay through Amazon and that account is under the wife’s name and I don’t know the password. Too bad I was going to get at least three bottles.

You could setup your own!

Just wine.wooted for the first time in a very long time being in MN, great to be back on the ship to list!

It didn’t work for me. This website says the coupon ended early.

It was supposed to be good through today.

If this was $15 per bottle I would ignore that my wine fridges are full and a couple friends here at work would be buying for me too.


TN, GA, MN & WI are “go” states again… as long as the winery is licensed in that state.

we can’t buy this in VA? :frowning:

No – Virginia has been ‘on the outside’ for some time now
That’s why I was looking for a nearby WootLegger

I’m in. Cory, you want one?

Sure. I’ll take 1 from your set.