Ty Caton enTycement (4)

This offering has been on woot a few times.
Can anyone how had some recently chime in on this?
also, drinking window?

No OH? What crap.

My opinion on this wine was its a pass at the price point. Too many better values on very similar blends out there. Plus his Ty’s red was a much better bottle at the same price point. This is a poor substitute to that wine after he stopped offering tys red at this price point.

$16/bottle is a great value. Normally $30 or so. I had it in the tasting room about two months back for the first time and I liked it. It’s a solid everyday red, which at this price is pretty good value. I mean, it’s better than a grocery store red at the same price point.

As far as drinking window, the bartender(for lack of a better term? I’m sure there is one) at the tasting room in Kenwood said that it’s ready now and in the near term. Doesn’t need a few years to open up.