Ty Caton enTycement (4)

Ty Caton enTycement 4-Pack
$64.99 $132.00 51% off List Price
2014 Ty Caton enTycement, Red Wine, Sonoma County

Does Ty make any other wines?

Not going to feel bad about this stand by. Checks off all the boxes.

$30 per bottle non-wine club pricing… Not a bad deal for a great wine that fits the daily drinker or the special occasion mold

I protest the fact that Missouri isn’t included. I will not buy this wine from this site until you include Missouri!

(Worth a shot, right?)

Unless I’m missing something, which is entirely possibly, it seems that Missouri IS included. Good news!

What you might be missing is that the list of states to which this wine can be shipped does not include Missouri.

I protest the fact that Nebraska isn’t included. I will not buy this wine from this site until you include Nebraska!
(Worked for Sombraala, so might as well try for Nebraska)

No Ohio??? Boo

No Georgia either-this would be an auto buy if Georgia was on the list or Virginia for that matter- Actually live in Virginia but they are never on the list.

Does anyone know what the drinking window is on this offer?

Ty - Is there any way those in Ohio can snag this offer direct? Your wines were always an Ohio autobuy, but for the last couple of years it seems the Amazonian Devil has put a curse on us!! Our lousy state laws haven’t changed since then, but then, they may have raised licensing fees! Help us tattered Browns Backers - we are in dire need of a winner!!! Save our season!!

What a bummer. Would’ve bought, but unfortunately no delivery to Missouri. Is this just because of certain distributors? I’ve had plenty of wine from CA shipped before with no issue.

LOL!, No need for the guilt trip. Just thought it would be nice to see any other wine from Ty here. I feel we have seen this wine offered consistently for a couple years now.

It’s all licensing. Each winery must purchase a license for each state. It adds up and they have to make choices.

Shame about the shipping restrictions, this would have been perfect for a gift basket I’m putting together as a housewarming present for my brother’s first home purchase.

well, truth be told. we had a wine pull out late… we pulled this from the woot off line up (oops…did I divulge?..)

yadda, yadda, yadda… I’ve bought this in the past several times, so it’s apparently Woot who is taking the cheap, unlicensed route by negotiating for the low cost packager/shipper.

Sad, but it’s hardly worth coming here anymore.

Fortunately there are others who want to sell wine.

yea, no it’s the wineries choice. btw, most everyone else is doing it illegally.

Would like to see a woot on the Tytanium. :smiley:

Hey! One can always dream right??