Ty Caton enTycement (4)

Uh…cant be shipped to New Mexico? That’s a first. I’ve bought gallons of Ty’s juice. WTTAF?

Confirmed on the backend. Sorry.

Ty Caton enTycement 4-Pack
$64.99 $132.00 51% off List Price
2014 Ty Caton enTycement, Red Wine, Sonoma County

STRIKE ONE - NO OHIO!!! We used to buy Ty all the time, but about a year ago, we got locked out! Kind of a sad blessing that we won’t have to be subjected to the Amazonian world after 12/31! But sorry to see the end of the blogS and the OUTSTANDING people behind the scene at Wine.woot!!

Can’t ship to Michigan. Fock!

We do ship to MI! Not sure why Woot won’t let you.

Long story with a sad ending

What does wine.woot closing have to do with their no longer shipping his wine to MI?