Ty Caton enTycement (4)

Its been a long time since I bought off wine.woot (other than Woot labels), but Ty is a good one to get me back in.

BTW, I’ll be visiting Napa/Sonoma in early May. To all the vets of the RPM tours (so jealous I never got to go), which ones can a wine.wooter not miss? I only have a couple days. I made it out there one year ago, and visited Goosecross, Opus, Corison, Robt. Mondavi, and Inglenook. (and I’ll cross post this in the World of Woot Wine). Thanks!

The wines on here really haven’t been good lately. I haven’t wooted in years other then Iron Horse. This might bring me back out of hiding but still isn’t an instant buy. If it was his PS I would be in.


Dunno about “RPM tours”, but Trefethen (excellent reds) and Shafer (hands down my favorite merlot) are worth visits

If ty swings by what’s the acid numbers on this? His wines are typically pretty zippy.

haven’t seen you on here in a long time, Hope your doing well.

I doubt it. Not likely his style but just my take on it

No. Too new world for him most likely.

I’m over stocked with wine and not one that can resist great wine at good prices… Hmmm, guess that means I’d be safe for the most part on here these days… hehe

I’m doing pretty good, how about you? I was thinking about you the other day as I opened my last remaining box of Brandini :wink:

[Edit: I pulled the Trigger.
“Last wooter to woot:mschauber”]

I was in Sonoma a few weeks ago, definitely recommend Bartholomew Park, Ravenswood, and Iron Horse. Cheers!

I don’t need a bunch but I’d be willing to try one or two.

I think I have some of Peter’s Chard for you too, right?

DMV split anyone? I just don’t have room for 4 (or any for that matter), but my hand may be forced :slight_smile:

Funny, I’ve had some really good wines from here lately. I guess “good” is in the eye of the beholder.

Some of the old favorites are not seen here any more but some have also stuck around. We have also had an influx of new wineries that we are slowly building relationships with. I have found that overall the wines are great that are offered and the price is equally great or at least good.

I have a feeling he’s trying to tell us something…

Ty, speak to us Ty!

What acid numbers are you looking for?

Ha ha, I think my internet went down as I was typing. Ty’s Red still exists and it is a totally different blend (don’t fret!).

We just got the details for permit to ship to MA. Stay tuned…