Ty Caton Mixed Red (3)

Ty Caton Mixed Red 3-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶3̶1̶.̶0̶0̶ 47% off List Price
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
2011 Upper Bench Merlot, Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
2010 Ty’s Red, Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
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just a tad on the pricey side for something I’m going to have to cellar for 5+ years. Pass.

Ty Caton is always a winner at woot’s prices. If I wasn’t trying to save money I would have pulled the trigger already. (putting 90% of my disposable income into savings has really put a damper on my woot spending :()

What you talking about, Willis? These are all drink now, although the Cab and Ty’s Red are thru 2017.

While the UB Merlot says to hold til 2015, I think that’s wrong. I’ve always found his UBM ready to drink.

I drink these wines every day, they are tasting great now. They will get better over the next few years and hold at least 10 years.

The Syrah that was offered a couple months ago was delicious. I wanted to lick my glass and sleep with the empty bottle so I could smell it but my boyfriend would have been jealous.

I am pondering just because I’m recovering from an expensive Vegas trip. :frowning:

Best part of being Ty Caton?

Drinking Ty Caton wine whenever you fucking want!

There have been quite a few Woot offerings lately that I have been interested in, but Woot’s prices have certainly firmed up. I wish Woot still offered the steals it used to!

Between this and the Amador woot+ I could easily spend $400 I shouldn’t to fill space I don’t have. Clearly I must keep the SIWBM! (Although if somebody wanted to pass along a bottle of the Noceto or SH Barbera I’d help you out.)

At average $25/bottle + tax this is good but not great value. Ty has been able to raise his prices over the last few years, so we seem to not be getting the screaming deals that we used to. We should be happy to see him here at all!

Woot purchase #123 or something like that…Ty is still a no brainer for me…Auto buy…let it sit, or drink it now…My only regret is that I can’t afford more!

Just not seeing the value here compared to Ty’s wine offers on other flash sale sites.

Klezman = My thoughts exactly. I must say, I love Ty but haven’t bought his Woot offerings since my last Tytanium purchase (late 2011). SH and Wellington have kept prices a little more competitive and remain my autobuys. I still pause every time I see TY offered, but then I go back and look at all of the great (comparable) wine I’ve purchased for >$20 and decided to pass. Today I am filling my cart on the Noceto.

Decent wine, poor QPR.

I was lucky enough to find the gem of the field blend that was offered here many years ago. Best QPR wine I have ever purchased. Since then I have gotten every Ty’s Red and although always good, they haven’t been as good as the field blend and always increasingly more expensive. I have thrown in a few of his varietal offerings over the years too.

I have to pass on this, like I have many of more recent Ty offerings. Perhaps I am drifting away from his style, or am more cautious with my spending, but it isn’t doing it for me as much as it used to. Good for him he is able to sell his wine at those prices, bad for us.

Part of that is likely the changing wine market. My impression is that several years ago there was a real glut of good to premium quality wine on the market, which resulted in huge markdowns and discounts. Over the last two years I haven’t seen nearly as many of those deals as before, anywhere - not just as woot.

As an example, which doesn’t involve woot at all, several years ago it wasn’t at all difficult to find sturdy dry Iberian and Italian red wines, aged 6 to 10 years, for under $12/bottle.

I used to see offering such as that monthly at the site I check out. Those deals started drying up about two years ago and I haven’t seen them at all in the last year. If you are waiting for those steals that for many of us became the norm, I think that you will find they are few and far between.

I often see people laying blame at the feet of Amazon. To me that a classic example that correlation is not causation. As far as I can tell, this is an industry wide situation, where supply is rebalancing with demand.

Ty’s wines are well worth the price. I’ve participated in many of his past offerings and have never been disappointed. I’d be in for 3 if money wasn’t tight right now.

Love Ty’s wines so much, I joined his wine club. Even though cellar is slowly filling with his bottles, I’m still considering jumping into this. Never been disappointed.

Thanks for sharing what you’ve seen in the market. Much like stocks and real estate were on sale a few years ago, wine was pretty cheap too. The market fundamentals have certainly changed and I have noticed that as well. Its just a bummer from the consumer side but its good for the wineries. I am not saying that this wine isn’t worth the price, I’m saying that the prices have definitely firmed up. I did notice that the 2010 Winemakers Cuvee was on Woot yesterday for $19.99, so seems like a better QPR to me.

If you navigate over to the World of Woot Wine forum and go to the thread on Deals on Wine and Other Accessories, you’ll find an extensive discussion of the Caton WTSO offering.