Ty Caton Mixed Reds (4)

Ty Caton Mixed Reds 4-Pack
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(1) - 2015 TyTanium, Caton Vineyard, Sonoma Valley Red Wine
(1) - 2015 Ty’s Red, Caton Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
(2) - Random Ty Caton Red Wines
2015 Ty Caton Estate Ballfield Syrah
2015 Ty Caton Estate Upper Bench Merlot
2015 Ty Caton Estate Upper Bench Block Three Red Wine
2015 Ty Caton Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s great to see the TyTanium here on woot again!

I was not familiar with the Upper Bench Block Three and there wasn’t much information here, so I went to Ty’s website and found the information sheet PDF for the wine.

It is 66% Merlot and 34% Cabernet Sauvignon. ABV is 15.3%. It was released in February 2017 and there were 287 cases produced.

I’ll take the 2015 Ty Caton Estate Ballfield Syrah and 2015 Ty Caton Estate Upper Bench Merlot please! :wink:

Strange it’s taking so long to update the stats … it has been over 15 minutes.

Edit: Order Date: 34 minutes ago

First and last wooter, both mill.

Tempting, very tempting. Throw in a 2001 Merlot and I’d have to autobuy!

Two hours later, it still shows that! :tongue:

Did WD wear y’all out yesterday?

I think we wore out your servers! :tongue:

Where is there to buy wine once WW is gone? Stocking up now but… Wine Exchange and Wine Spies have been mentioned. I’m familiar with WTSD. Anywhere else?


Some of us do have credit limits…

For those of us who missed it, why is WW shutting down?

I hope WDs next project can get Ty Caton to OR :disappointed_relieved:

For anybody that actually likes to discuss the wines like we used to… wink wink, I finally started drinking my 2009 Tytaniums and boy it certainly helps to wait on these. I think I bought them in 2011 or 2012, they were all tight and wound up when I first tried a bottle. Sooo good right now. I also had some Upper Bench Merlot a few years back I thought was wonderful, aging not quite so important.

Basically because Amazon bought Whole Foods.

The bill is going to get me this month, but finally an opportunity to grab Ty Caton’s famed TyTanium, I couldn’t pass up. Since it’s a 2015, what’s going to be the recommended waiting window? And I got to be last wooter! I’ll surely miss this…

SWMBO is demanding I lower my credit limits so the remaining woot-offs do less damage…

guess you picked the wrong time to (try to) stop buying wine

or - “one more month and it’s over”

No GA?

Tried to order Ty Caton today & all of the sudden comes up with can’t ship to OHIO??? Really…since when Ty ???