Ty Caton New/Old Trio



Ty Caton New/Old Trio
$54.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Red
1 Ty Caton 2005 Field Blend Red
1 Ty Caton 2003 TyTanium
1 Ty Caton 2003 Merlot

Yeeeeeha! Get ready for another wild ride on the winegirl express…

(…or something less crude sounding…)


I still havent cracked open the last Ty Caton Trio :slight_smile:


and normal ‘needtorelyonwootlegging’ states are in!

and i have a birthday coming up in about a week. wonder if i can ask for 60 bucks on top of the road bike i asked for…


You really should, they are wonderful. We are going to have to open a merlot though to see if we want to woot this weeks offering… We are generally not big merlot fans.


WOO HOO! Sounds great, gotta check the finances in the morning, see if I’m down for 1, 2, or 3.


I’m tempted…!! Looks pretty decent.


I actually thought I had a shot at being first to woot, but was too slow to beat mlhelm. In the grand scheme of things, that’s inconsequential; I still get lots of great wine. Thank you, thank you, WD, Ty and beloved WineGirl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to change into my other identity and order 3 more…


for winegirl, or others knowledgeable about TC wines

ive noticed some blends to be somewhat earthy (say many bordeauxs, or the wellington cabs even) and others to be rather fruity (say, the kunde claret). would you bin any of these wines into either category?


Has anyone tasted this before? Sounds good from the text, but would like to be sure.


It most definately is going to be a wild week!

But we might have to go with something less crude sounding as it still is Sunday nite here on the west coast.

I tried to be the first post but alas Corr is too quick on the draw.

It is always a pleasure to hang with the wine wooters and we our honored to be featured once again.


Ugh…I am trying SO hard to save my money…This is going to be a really hard week. Everyone always raves about the TyTanium and I see that DonBon bought the Merlot when he was out there (care to comment on it DonBon?)

WineGirl: What do you consider the drinking windows for these?


It’s not a matter of when, but a matter of how many… dammit winegirl… and damn those nice nice ty caton labels…



I joined the Ty Caton wine club after their last woot offering. I might have to get this to hold me over till next quarter shipment!


Evenin to ya Nall! Been a while and I hope all is well with you. Won’t be typing as fast as I am not presenting at my super charged computer.

Must find out about your mysterious other identity…


Shouldn’t there be a pope hat since the field blend is a launch?


I initially opened my second woot account specifically because I wanted another full set of the last Ty Caton offering. I’ve used it less than half a dozen times since, so it’s not like I’m all that terribly self-indulgent. Just used it again, despite the fact that I’ve ordered directly from the winery in the interim. Everybody likes different things, but I for one find Ty Caton wines to be consistently superior.

Welcome back, WineGirl!! I was going to make a pun right here about the newcomers getting a taste of what you add to the forum, but now I’m afraid C. would take it wrong and make it nasty, cuz you know it’s still always all his fault. :wink:


WineGirl rocks !


Excessinmoderation. :slight_smile: But no point in telling you my third identity, as I lost it in a recent settlement…

Glad to have you with us, WineGirl!!



I’ll be up in Napa & Sonoma in a week for 5 days…any chance I can come visit???