Ty Caton Petite Syrah (2)

Anyone try this yet?

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My experience with Ty’s wines are limited, but I’ve heard great things. Plus 2012 was such a great year for wine, so I’m in for two! I’m curious on the drinking window for these; anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance.

I realize this is meaningless, but cellar tracker has a drinking window listed. This is my pause on getting it though. Not sure I want to spend $25 a bottle for something I will want to sit in the cellar for 4+ years. Though I do have the room… tough decisionsCellartracker Link

I am interested. Would be nice if some of our resident PS experts would chime in!

Agreed, but quality discussion is scarce during woot-off’s.

Gah, wish i signed on a little earlier! Hope they offer this again soon or in another wootoff!

Haven’t had this one but have had good experiences with the Blitzen they did for woot a while back, and the 2010 Ballfield Syrah. And I do love me a good Petite Syrah.

I’m going to have to start keeping my eye open for 2012 now.