Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack

Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine
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Oh Ty! You tempting siren!

How long can we hold these? I don’t drink much white in the winter.

A case to help fill your new wine cabinet!

I don’t have it yet. And you’re not helping! :wink: The thing is… I lurv Ty’s wines. And at $12.50/bottle, this is probably pretty unbeatable at that price.

Oh MY!!! Sounds Tasty, seems like it might be similar to Conundrum. Anyone have any experience with this and can offer a comparative opinion? Tks!

I’m one away from going black and this is tempting to put me there. Anyone know if this is sweet vs dry or somewhere in the middle?

Also Ty, can we get nerdy numbers, please?

I’m not gunna Racchus a love song.

First off: I got the Red and really enjoy it- a nice, approachable, juicy wine that pleases the masses.

But here’s the question: this is another kitchen sink blend with a California designation, what separates it from the other wines out there with similar pedigrees at lower prices? Please, please, please give us the story of where this wine came from- what are the sources and what drove the blend? A similar case was the latest inzinerator blend which also bore a Cali stamp, but at least in that case we found that the wine was source from a combination of Amador vineyards Rancho Cucamonga. Where did the Racchus come from?

Because the vineyard is owned by Ty Caton, was “Racchus” tacked on because it sounds like “Bacchus,” the Roman god of wine?

Got the red a while back… it’s great. Gotta love any Ty Caton offering…

Yes, please


If this is half as good as the red, then it’s worth at least twice as much (you do the math).

It’s half Chardonnay, so I would expect it to hold at least through next summer.

My guess based on the tasting notes is that some of the creamier varietals make it seem a little sweet, but in reality it’s fully dry. I’d wait for confirmation from Ty, though, because you just never know with that fellow.

If this is the Reserve, then is there a non-Reserve Racchus as well?

How is the blend put together and where is the fruit sourced from? California AVA is a little concerning since the fruit could be from anywhere.

This will put me in the doghouse and the poorhouse, but I’m gonna go down smiling…

Way to spoil all the fun. :tongue:


And side note - on the website, there are several places where this is referred to as the “Rollus White.” What’s that all about?

Potentially, sure, but I think that with something as widely blended as this (it’s not quite a “plurality wine” like the Racchus Red, but it’s pretty close), the intent isn’t really to show terroir or any sort of local style, but rather just to make, you know, some tasty stuff. Here, the concern should really be less about where the grapes came from and more about the skill of the winemaker and blender to know what to do with them.

Read the description just under the Winery Details.

You can tell I’ve been writing legal briefs for way too long, as I read this question and immediately wanted to cite Scott Harvey as analogous precedent for the point I made above in response to gcdyersb. While nothing but “California” stamped on wine from some nameless, faceless producer might mean the grapes were grown out in the middle of the desert and the wine processed in aluminum trash cans, this stuff is from a reputable winery with well-regarded blending experience.

Well, there’s a nascent Racchus website, which lists the Racchus Red and Rollus white, so I guess Rollus in an offering of the Racchus label.

Also, in the Woot description:

“Be impressed with the little family vineyard that sent us things like This 2009 reserve white wine is a tribute to equally lesser-known Roman goddess, Rollus, Bacchus’ twin sister by another mister.”

“If it says Ty, you must buy.” - famous advice from a lawyer