Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack

Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine
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this was meant to be called something else before, like Rollus, wasn’t it, but the labellers screwed up.

Duplicate - sorry - must have hit the wrong button!

Dang. My first Woot was a Ty Caton - I was hoping for a Ty for my 50th as well, but I have 4 of the Racchus White from the previous offering & haven’t opened one yet.

Any Ty Red would have been purchased by now…

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Woo hoo! I really liked this last time around, but hubby got to a bottle or two before I could. Also, first time to be the First sucker! I’m part of the crowd now (I hope). Almost as good as scoring BOC. Thanks for a great wine.woot! woot! off. Let the fun continue.

Oooh, nice! My Mom drank all of my Racchus White at Christmastime… In for one :slight_smile:

Hardly a credible story. 487 cases is less than 6,000 labels. Should have been cheaper to print up the right ones than change everything else about a line of wines. Planning to market two wines, Racchus and Rollus, but never blending a satisfactory Rollus, I can believe.

On the fence - loved the red - need more input - who loved it, who didn’t, AND WHY??? Thanks in advance!!!

In for 1, my wife already drank the couple of bottles we picked up the tasting room in the fall. So she should be pleased to see more of this arrive at the homestead.

I am a huge Ty Caton fan and have bought numerous offerings. Will go check the stash and see if I need to partake again.

Yes, that’s what I recall too. Regardless, it was a really nice, drink today white wine. It will be interesting to see if Ty gets the label snafu fixed up and re-releases it as the Rollus White this year.

BTW… in for two!

So nice they said it twice (from the write-up):

This wine leads with beautiful aromas of lemon and pineapple. Creamy and viscous in texture, it exhibits crème brûlée and hazelnut flavors followed by a smooth finish. This wine leads with beautiful aromas of lemon and pineapple. Creamy and viscous in texture, it exhibits crème brûlée and hazelnut flavors followed by a smooth finish.

Here’s my CT note:

“Very nice color (straw, golden, etc.), with a pleasant but mild bouquet. Zero heat and no acidity. The mouthfeel is lush, almost viscous, coating the tongue. A touch of bitterness is perceptible in the mid-palate, but the wine has a pleasant and longer-than-expected finish. Honestly the experience makes me think of comfort food. On a QPR basis I would definitely buy this again.”

Hope that helps. Note that I did buy it again :slight_smile:


If this were the red I’d be in for 3 – and I’m never in for 3. This is tempting just by association!

The token white allocation in the wine rack is all filled up, though.

Thanks! That’s perfect! I remember now why I passed last time, it’s just not my style of white - I’m not a big white drinker and I really need an acid bomb (legal reference only!) :wink:

I had a bottle already too, and if I weren’t on a bigtime SIWBM I would go in for more of it right now. We’ll actually be opening up a bottle of it for the NYC/LI Wine.Woot tasting this Saturday which I’m hosting.

In for 1 - I love the red and can’t wait! I hope they have the red next :slight_smile:

I bought the other white offering and I’m considering this.

$20/bottle on the Ty Caton site (http://www.tycaton.com/sonoma-valley-wines.html)

But a BOC, another random box from another random site and two cases of wine seems a bit indulgent…