Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack

Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Ty Caton Racchus Reserve White Wine

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I saw Ty Caton and bought. I don’t think I’ll regret it.

Was trying to decide what to open tonight, and now I know…off to the cellar to grab some Racchus and decide if I should buy again!

So, is this an auto-buy? Compared to the TLC earlier? I missed out on it. I’m already loaded with Ty. I recall good things.

Waitin’ on Cesare’s updated post.

Jeebus this is a heavy blend on whites. I usually don’t pay attention to white wines, but are white blends like this so common?

I personally love this wine. It’s a very complex one (look at all the wines involved!!) but I really enjoy it. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve never written down the flavors so unfortunately can’t describe more… Other than I remember it being complex with a long finish. I’ve bought it twice. I would be in again but I have 15 bottles from woot on their way…

OK. So maybe more like Conundrum?

How oakey is it?

Been waiting for a different white, and CT has some nice scores, so what the heck is another $55…

Looks like bottling line leftovers,will you be adding xenon,iodine and cesium from Japan?

I ratted this last time. In for two. Looking forward to some white wine sangria this summer…

We opened this bottle at NY Long Island tasting at HAK’s place and remembering as layers of summer refreshing fruit with a hint of honey…

at the same time we did taste about 10 bottles or so…

i picked up a half case of this when I stopped by ty’s tasting room last december on a pretty big discount (like $10 a bottle at case price I think).

I opened one a while back and remember it being crisp and fruity with a good round finish. i loved it but i remember the gf thinking it was a little buttery for her taste-- just the perfect amount of chardonnay in there for me though for a good almost-summer white

Oak doesn’t come to mind. I remember fruit. It’s been a while though (I have issues with holding on to wine) so take this with a grain of salt!

Same. It’s summer and I’ve barely just started stocking on whites. I swear nothing beats a crisp white wine in the shower. Taking down the class juuuust a notch.

WD is de Debbil!!!

Oh my, it’s Ty. Don’t ask why, just buy!

Not to me, it’s not sweet - very full body, but with complex flavors. I really enjoy it, it’s almost a white wine for red wine drinkers.

Conundrum is one of my favorites so it may be safe to say if you like that you’ll like this.