Ty Caton Red Blend (3)

Ty Caton Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶2̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 52% off List Price
2010 Ty’s Red, Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard
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Sad that Ty has priced himself out of my stratosphere. Love his wines.

In for 3+. Love this wine!

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$20 a bottle is stratospheric for you?

Talk to me about drinking windows I’ve yet to try Caton because I’m lazy and don’t like giving too much cellar space to bottles that need aging, but this should probably change.

What Black Magic is this? Not shipping to New York?

I now know the pain that my wine woot brethren feel…

Well, $60 + $7 shipping + tax ~ $24/bottle. For wine that I think fair retail is about $20-22. So no, not stratospheric, but for almost $25 there’s a whole lot of wine I think is significantly better value. Obviously YMMV, and I mostly hope Ty sees this and either starts letting his prices come back down or gives us wooters better discounts :slight_smile:

I think the general rule of thumb is that Ty’s wines are best at least 5 years from vintage and probably before 15 or so.

I got the 2009 version of this wine back in 2011 and found that it was getting into a really good phase just this year.

This offer shipped to SoCal is $24 a bottle.
I bought the 2010 here in 2012 for $18 a bottle.
2009 vintage $18 a bottle
2008 vintage $18 a bottle.

In past years this has been a descent deal but not now. It’s an easy pass.

Agreed - I’ve just started working on my stash of 2008’s. They’re doing nicely, and the older TyTaniums are also doing well.

Thanks for the info, because I’ve had the wine makers cuvée 2010 & 2011 and both were good, also had the Petite Sirah, which needs time in the bottle. Plus the prices were better at WTSO, so I’ll pass on this one. Thanks again​:wine_glass::zzz:

Been waiting for a Ty for a while in for 3

Wish I could buy this, but just last week I bought a set of Tytanium–don’t have the money for both in one month!

WT? This was an Autobuy for me…in NY!

Agreed. IF I were to buy some Ty juice, it would be the winemakers cuvee that is $20 per bottle with free shipping on WTSO.

Not sure if this is a Woot issue, or a Ty issue, but this is not much of a deal at all. With that said, it looks like people are still buying, so Woot/Ty will still feel completely justified.

We received a couple bottles of this from Ty as a replacement for some messed-up bottles of Racchus.

If I’m being honest, it’s a pass at this price. Especially when you consider we’ve had the Racchus blends (which, regardless of list price, I consider on-par or slightly better than this) for $13-$14/btl here in the past.

Although it paired nicely with slow-roasted beef, potatoes, and asparagus I’d have a hard time saying “buy, buy, buy!” for >$15/btl.

I don’t understand the NY shipping issue, we have a permit there and ship all the time.

Klezman, I haven’t raise the price of this wine since 2008 vintage.

He is referring to the woot price, not your retail prices.

Is this different than the offering from 5/15/12? That one was $49.99 for a three pack.