Ty Caton Red Blend (3)

I love Ty’s stuff too and first sucker “Mill” that always speaks volumns - you won’t go wrong here.

Maybe an oversight. Hopefully, they’ll investigate and correct it. :slight_smile:

I have enjoyed Ty’s wines but this deal is no deal. With outstanding Spanish reds at $12-$18/bottle you get a superior wine at a lower price.

I’m waiting for the woot off, (need some Copa Cab… sarcasm intended :)… )

Talk about pain. Feel mine. As a member of Ty’s wine club, I paid $25.60 + tax + shipping ($17.75 for 2 bottles) for the 2009 Red Blend, and here’s the 2010 for far less. I’m sure I have a bottle of the 2010, but it was the '09 I could put my hands on, and it’s representative of the pricing structure. It’s not the first time I’ve seen something I bought as a TC club member show up here or on another site at a significantly lower price, once just a week after the club shipment arrived. And I can’t even buy this one. :frowning:

a) That sucks
b) This is why woot deals or local pickup are the only way to get Ty’s wine, imo. Shipping kills most winery deals. That’s why I’m looking forward to raiding the cellar at TO in a couple weeks!

Definitely get the sarcasm :). On a more serious note, there are usually some really good items in the woot off, it is just too expensive now since shipping is no longer combined.

Every time my wife or I gets a cold we have a bottle of Ty’s wine and the cold goes away. Not even kidding.

In for 2.

As you realize, local pickup is even less an option for me than it is for you. For some reason, Ty’s shipping is worse than most. And some of my wine clubs, SH in particular, occasionally offer deals that include reduced shipping.
And today, my SIWBM remains intact.

I certainly don’t begrudge anybody for making money, particularly the fine folks at Woot, but I do sorely miss the days of one offer a week and some truly great deals.

It’s the same except for today’s higher price and that is what has people complaining.

Actually, there’s more to complain about. The winemaker himself posted that he doesn’t know why NY is not on the list, since he ships here all the time, and nobody from the mothership has even bothered to respond. They keep making it easier to resist buying.

TT must be taking the day off, or got reassigned. She’d be all over this after the first comment.

PM for you

I am never going to forget the first time I tried a Ty Caton red. Ergo I leapt on this offer as soon as I saw it. Wonderful stuff.

I approve of this message.

I’ve been wringing my hands all day over this.

For now, NY is temporarily off the overall wine.woot state list. I’m all over it like a cheap suit. so stay tuned.

WD, your concern is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you and winefarm, and whoever else is coming to the wootception next week.

Can somebody tell me if this is a sweet or bitter red?

It’s neither sweet nor bitter. It’s very approachable and friendly with good fruit and oak balance. The magic is the interaction between the varietals that come together to make a crowd pleasing wine.