Ty Caton Red Blend (3)

Ty Caton Red Blend 3-Pack
$59.99 $127.00 53% off List Price
2010 Ty’s Red, Sonoma Valley, Caton Vineyard

Does anyone know how this compares to the 2005 Ty Caton Field Blend Red?

Was wondering myself if this is the new incarnation of that blend. Ty? WineGirl? Care to enlighten us?

IIRC, from previous offerings, it is a completely different wine, production wise and varietal composition wise. I could be wrong, but I think this was discussed at some point in the last two years.

I stopped following Ty’s wines here when the prices kept climbing and better deals were available on other sites.

Cosign…both on the recollection that they’re different blends and on the decision to spend my wine $$ elsewhere (but good for Ty that he’s able to sell at such high prices?)

Wow. SF Chronicle Gold Medal Winner.
Have to give it a shot at half price…although last night I was enjoying an $8 a bottle Cab from TJ’s 2010 Vintjs line…hope I have the pallet to detect the 3x improvement in this…

Some questions answered in a previous offer

Trader Joe’s I assume? their own label? at $8 bucks I’d try

Ty’s an auto-buy. Love it, and it’s the same price as the last time it was offered. Just saying…

Ditto North, Cyradia and Fred. I have about a case of Tys from when they were affordable, so I should be good. Woot has really priced itself out of the deal-a-day market – too much good juice around at better prices, including from local competition like TJs. BTW, it helps to consult the buyer at your local store. I haven’t gotten a bum steer there yet.

Yeah. The “Napa Valley” Cab is outstanding. The Zin & Pinot not so much, and they cost a little more, like $11 I think.
(sorry for the thread hijack)

Which was $10 more than the already high previous offering, just saying…

Would love to, but no Wisconsin. Seems like most of the states that were removed are back, but still no Wisconsin.

I’d take one if anyone is buying.

I purchased this last year for $17.50 a bottle shipped. I thought that was a good price for it. But at nearly $24 a bottle shipped it’s an easy pass.

It’s not even close to as good, IMO. I really wish it were, though.

Good point. I was (still) just looking at the net, forgetting tx and ship, especially when it’s amortized over only three.